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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Scared To Death

    I actually think the opposite of most of the post. Sometimes in order to diagnose yourself you must do an elimination diet. But to eliminate everything from your body consistently is not always helpful. The way the body works is that it needs a certain percentage of everything. However, some bodies think those "things" are attacking it even though it isn't and fights back. Thats where intolerances and allergies come from. However, by eliminating all of these ingredients without knowing for sure can possibly weaken your immune system and hurt your body more so. Then when your body gets some of that stuff it may automatically fight it because its not used to it and cannot overcome. Instead of removing all of the foods you eat, why don't you take an allergy test. There is a problem however, if you haven't eaten it for about 6-8 weeks it may come back as negative on the results. But if you haven't been 100% faithful than it may show up. Those testings are usually very expensive but alot of hospitals/clinics offer a sliding fee scale where they base it off of income or other measurements to where you pay a lower percentage of the testing/visit then normal. The other thing is that being one with Celiac disease means your guts lining is messed up. So even though you eat normal or large portions it comes out until it is repaired (this may take a while depending on your body). But it doesn't necessarily mean you have another food intolerance. Whenever you remove something from your diet, your body panics and it tries to replace it with something else. However that something else is something different then what your body wants so it just disposes of it. This happened to me too. MY body wanted gluten however I removed it so I was just eating massive portions of food and it was just coming out every day. I was losing weight excessively no matter how good/bad I ate. Maybe after a month or so it stabilized. The way your body and mind works is a little tricky. See your body thinks as soon as something is removed that it is "in danger" and goes into survival mode. Your mind thinks "I don't need this but I want it" and then it combats each other. Thats why diets are hard to do because emotions are battling truth and anxiety kicks in to where you just give up. However, after 3-4 weeks your mind and body unite and realize I can do this. I don't need it. See I am okay and then its "normal" or a habit to do whatever you were trying to do before then. However during the beginning stages you feel anxious like "I have to fix this" or "maybe something else is wrong" and we start eliminating or resolving but really we should just be waiting. I would say to try to slowly add things back into your diet maybe one spoon at first, then a few spoons, then a half portion, full portion and see if it really is something you are allergic. If it is eliminate, if not include it here and there. As the years pass, all these eliminations will be hard to reintroduce and to live by because it is so limiting that it may cause stress and anxiety unnecessarily. Switching doctors may never end because in my experience doctors don't know to much about gluten intolerance/celiac unless they have first hand witnessed it they treat it very lightly and don't understand the side effects it can cause or autoimmune diseases it can trigger. If they did none of us would be using celiac.com because we would have all the answers. But the truth is this is a whole new industry that is now gaining popularity and hitting mainstream so until then we are kind of all just in suspense to see if the latest news will help us individually. I hope this helps and wasn't rude or repetitive. I am just thinking about past experience, studies and research I done to see if it is beneficial for you. Best of luck! I go to the dr today to see if they can help me. If I am diagnosed with something I will let you know since some of your symptoms I been experiencing lately.
  2. Scared To Death

    Hi! I actually am experiencing something similar. For the last 3 weeks, I have been having alot of nausea (it wouldn't come out either end). However, the nausea would attach itself to the second week adding light headed/dizziness. Then the 3rd week my joints have been feeling really week. My doctor has tested me for the HRO virus (I believe its called) she said its from meat. Its a stomach virus that also weakens your immune system sometimes. She also tested me with aNa which is for joints I believe. These symptoms she told me can be due to inflammation or an autoimmune disease like lupus or it can be arthritis. End of last week my legs have been hurting so when I Go to the dr Thursday to get my test results if they come back negative then I will ask her about Fibromaylagia. When I looked online I had alot of those symptoms. Maybe you can ask your doctor about it too. I know that having to go gluten free can cause or trigger revelations of autoimmune diseases to appear in our system. When this all started to happen to me I assumed it was from dairy since I had increased my dairy now I can say it isn't. However, I think being gluten-free we automatically assume it must have to be food related but it may not be.
  3. Yikes! Your right. It was on the first page. Can't reply to specific post via my cell.
  4. Gluten free living is life changing.. Its like marriage. For better or worse, 'til death do us part.".

    1. CaliSparrow


      It certainly is!

  5. That I think is pretty normal. I went through that too then it switched and I went to high energy no brain fog and super happy always. Cross contamination will happen with more allergies to look out for I would say be careful. Gluten cross contamination triggers you differently each time and affects your body differently I think. Sometimes I would become like narcoleptic other times I would have pangs in my stomache or a headache or nothing. I would just ask them (when dining out) to cook my food seperately due to high allergies (pretty sure you already do). The problem with cross contamination is that you don't know how much risk it imposes sometimes none others much. However the more you cut out the more expensive this allergy free lifestyle becomes. The products you use most often make sure they are all allergy the ones you use on occasion buy whatever is most economical that doesn't pose much of a threat. Thats what I do and usually it pays off. Its only so much you can avoid because after a while it will become burdensome. I hope this helps.
  6. Also, I would have to say in regards to not sleeping well. I do drink caffeine usually through coffee. Rarely soda. I usually don't drink it past 4/5pm. However I still have trouble sleeping. I find that being gluten free usually gives me many restless nights. I get a small window of being tired. If I don't fall asleep in that window which is usually around 7pm (way too early for bed) I can't fall asleep until 11p/12am. I read alot of articles saying many people with a gluten intolerance/sensitivity/celiac disease have sleep problems. If there is any advice you can give me to stop me from being so alert and resting I would love to take it itoo!
  7. The comment I made in regards to Pepsi products being gluten free was in an article I read online by a celiac journalist. She pointed out that she has celiac disease and has never had a problem at Starbucks however when she contacted the corporation Starbucks informed her that they wouldn't recommend buying (in store) any of their products because they cannot garuntee it because of cross contamination. But they would recommend instead using drinking their bottle coffee because that is gluten free. **I think I spelled garuntee wrong..
  8. Problems With Teeth

    Very much possible. Any suggestions on how to alter this?
  9. This Thursday I shall return to the doctor. When I do, I will retrieve a copy of all my testing thus far to see which test I already took. Thank you for the break down.
  10. Yes they are right. The point however was to use the salad dressing or marinades for the pasta/meat.
  11. Problems With Teeth

    Since it is only an intolerance I didn't think I had to be..now I am experiencing so many body issues that I am wondering if because I sneak gluten in at times in small amounts is it causing these problems such as tooth decay?
  12. What other antibody tests can I have? Can they test you for NCGS? I found out I had a gluten intolerance through the elimination diet because my doctor was going a whole other different route at the time that I knew wasn't true. But, when I took the Celiac Panel Test it said I didn't have celiac...
  13. Hi and thank you for the response. I'm actually not completely gluten free. Since I don't have celiac disease I figured I didn't have to. I tested what I can and cannot tolerate and eat n do that in accordance. my stomach doesn't seem to bother me or worsen from eating some time does not trigger for me sometimes it's just out of nowhere and the same thing with my joints as well. this last time I went to the doctor I ws tested for AnA and inflammation I rec the results on Thursday.
  14. I love to use olive oil as a base for cooking! Olive oil with some fresh/dried herbs and a little salt. If you want extra taste add butter. Yum! Also, another idea is to go to an International store or Farmers Market (or just down that aisle in your grocery store). You may find some items that fit your diet that you would have never considered or may always wanted to try. The last thing I suggest is using salad dressings for sauce. I do it all the time. Two ways you can do this. 1) You can marinate your meat in the sauce for 2-3 days then cook it and use the "juice" for the pasta sauce. Or you can cook the pasta then after you drain the pasta add the dressing with a touch or salt. I hope these ideas help! I am not a big fan of tomato sauce so I learn to be creative along time ago. Another thing that changes the meal is when you add veggies with the chicken and olive oil/"Sauce" and cook then let it sit for like a day and reheat. Its so good because everything marinated together. I use frozen veggies mostly and the mixed bags are a good thing too. The Pasta company for gluten-free I tried Ronzini and it was fabulous! Let me know if this suffice. Ciao!