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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you cycleladying for responding. Yes blood work for celiac negative too. And nothing indicates thyroid, which I agree you would think that is the case. Literally don't know what to do. If I was getting trace amounts of gluten would it show in the blood work? I thought they weren't reliable? Again. Thank you. This makes you feel crazy. I am at the point thinking I can eat no food but you made the comment to gentle foods and everything I am eating is hard to digest.
  2. I literally feel like I cannot do this any more. Since diagnosis I still am struggling. Last year I was so sick. Endoscopy shows intestine healed. Diagnosed supposedly with chronic ebv last fall but not all doctors by it. Did everything right and didn't get better. Gallbladder removed this April. Was finally starting to and tanked 2 weeks ago. I do not eat out any where and gluten never in my home. 2 weeks ago I changed my diet to just fresh fruit, veggies, chicken and eggs (and coffee). 4 days in all my symptoms from last fall came back. I went off nightshades and corn (day 3 had a huge bowl of air pop popcorn) thinking maybe that was the issues but a week later still getting worse. Realized my hair products have gluten and Burt bee Chapstick has cross contamination so I cut all those out 2 days ago. Could a diet change like this make me even more sensitive (I am so sensitive)? I could barely function this last year and so scared to go back. My blood work all comes back normal. Since my lymph nodes have been so involved they sent me to an oncologist and all looks fine in the CT scan. Rheumatologist doesn't see any sign of other autoimmune. Could all this really be some random gluten I am getting? Here are my symptoms literally one day I was doing great and the next day woke up with all this. Had only had grilled chicken, eggs, salad, tomatoes, potatoes and popcorn the 2 days prior at my home. My Gi is not totally jacked up like when I believe I have gotten gluten. Irritability Muscle weakness Panic feelings Stiff neck Foggy brain Stomach cramps Rapid heartbeat Burning in face & crown of neck Excessive thirst Shaky hands Itchy head Itchy throat Itchy joints Nausea Dizzy Ear pain Exhaustion after taking a shower (heat) Instant hard time regulating stress Swollen lymph nodes Shortness of breath Shoulders feel like when you get the flu (hate hate hate that feeling between my shoulder blades) Any thoughts I would be thankful.
  3. Marcus, Yes...had been eating gluten free bread for 3 months. Reintroduced gluten for 4 days before blood test but limited because it was messing with me. Had some cereal and a piece of pizza and crackers over the 4 days. Some flour as a thickner in curry as well. I will get copies tomorrow and post. notme!...I am going to a GI specialist. Interestingly, I had switched from them last fall after going to see them for my symptoms and they sent me for a colonoscopy. The PA is who ordered it but when the doctor went to do it, he said "ahh...I think you are fine, shocked if anything came back". I am thinking "ummm...really don't want to just do this for no reason". Switched doctors but after ER visit, this is where they sent me. They are the go-to GI doctors in town. Funny, because he said the SAME thing to me when he went to scope me and then sent me for an ultrasound saying he was positive it was my gallblader. Thank you everyone. I feel crazy right now. It is so stressful to be sick and to fight the doctors is exhausting.
  4. A little overwhelmed. Doctor stated last week after positive biopsy they want to run blood work (done in reverse, vomitting blood). They stated they were 99% sure I was celiac and that the biopsy was not as strong because I had altered my diet the last 3 months excluded gluten (ate some hidden...was being treated for ulcers). Blood work came back negative today. Doctor now states 99% sure I am not celiac because "if I was, the blood work would have shown it". When I questioned this based on my past conversation and what I have read on negative blood tests, she said "be happy...you don't want a celiac diagnosis, it creates a nightmare with insurance." Definitely sticking with gluten free but would love feedback. Does the diagnosis matter? Should we push for a second opinion? Or, is it true that that the blood work would confirm the diagnosis? I feel like I was just wrapping my head around the "99% sure celiac" and now to be told the opposite is so confusing. I am truly okay if I am not celiac, evident I am definitely gluten intolerant. Thank you!