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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I went to the doc with the tests that were suggested here. I was told that I should have a colonoscopy (I am 50 and they keep pushing that). Since my symptoms are mostly systemic (swelling, rash, constipation) I declined the colonoscopy. My doc was not familar with the testing and suggested I see an allergist. If I go to the allergixt I am sure they will do the pin prick stuff...will that show a gluten intolerance? My other option was for a referral to a GI specialist...but I would have to wait a few months to get in to see the GI guy since I am not in serious distress. Any advice? My other option is to have a lab order the tests and pay myself. Is there any lab out there that does these?
  2. Thank you so much. I am trying to figure out is it worth it to push for testing and dx. The only benefit I can think of is some tax savings...and a "you really can't do this" mindset
  3. Really Confused

    I am in the process of figuring this all out. I went on an elimination diet and figured out that gluten was causing a whole spectrum of issues (I think). My frustration is that when adding things back in, rice is giving me issues. Not the lack of nutrient white rice, but the better for you red and black. When I look at the premade gluten free items, most use rice flour or a rice base. I am doing well using almond or other nut flours, but few commercial things are made with those. Is it common to be reactive to other grains? I am very lost as I have not been DX by a physician and am only guessing at this point what is happening. Prior to coming here I read scientific journals and medical journals to get a baseline knowledge. I now know "glutens" in various forms are in all grains...so not sure how to figure out which ones my body hates.
  4. I am not sure how to start this journey. I ended up here after doing a 2 week detox as a jump start to turning my health around. As I tried to add back in grains (quiunoa, rice, etc not wheat), I soon had inflammation, edema, and muscle aches. My GI symptom is constipation unless I am heavy on the magnesium citrate. I had allergy testing about 20 years ago when I suspected peanuts were causing migraines. I remember testing positive for histamines and chicken (yeah who does that?) Peanuts do cause migraines and dairy causes horrible eczema. I suspect a gluten allergy/sensitivity caused my edema six years ago (my right calf often looks like I have a major DVT going on —just the right one.) I now have a DX of lipedema with possible secondary lymphedema. So my question is: What do I do to get DX? – I have read about the DNA testing, but if I get that then what? How do I find a doctor who knows what to do? who will respect the testing and get me to where I need to be? I am struggling as I feel if I say "gluten sensitive" without a doctor's note I will be accused of jumping on the media diet sensation bandwagon. Any advice would be welcome. I live in the central Ohio area and have excellent insurance.