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  1. Hi all Just updating you on my sons endoscopy. The consultant discovered he has gastritis so has put him on a course of antibiotics and acid reducing medication, so he is on three different medicines at the moment. He didn't confirm coeliac his waiting for the results of the biopsies. The consultant is also do a large number of blood tests including full coeliac panel, full check on vitamin and mineral levels, fbc plus others I cannot remember what. My sons previous blood results where low white count and anaemia. Kind regards Emma
  2. Dear All, Thank you very much for your replies and advice. I'm not sure what blood test they carried out to check for coeliac, I didn't realise there were different types until I starting reading the forums, so never thought to ask. I will find out. I've got some good news, the consultants secretary has just called and they have managed to slot him into a cancellation next Friday (17 May 2013). So fingers crossed we will get some answers next week. I will let you know how we get on Kind regards Emma
  3. Hi I'm Emma and I'm from the uk. My 4 year old son has suspected coeliac disease, his just dropped under 0.4th percentile for weight, he has anemia, low white cell count, and persistent smelly loose BM. He also has enamel defects in his milk teeth (brown lines and the surface doesn't look quite right) is this common in a child? he also has a persistent low grade fever. His currently waking with night sweats, his so wet his hair is dripping and I have to change his PJs His bloods came back negative for coeliac but the consultant feels positive that it is coeliac disease so wants to carry out and endoscopy. My frustration is he was originally referred by the gp in February, saw the consultant at the beginning of April, we are still waiting on an appointment for the procedure. I've spoken to secretary and she said its likely to be in August. That's six months after the original referral !!! I'm wondering if other people within the Uk have had a similar wait for diagnosis of their child. Im currently speaking to the hospital PALS team. Also has anyone's child had speech sound delays along side the coeliac ? Is there a link? thank you