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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My daughter, nearly 7 y.o. has been diagnosed Celiacs. She is gluten free for 6 months now. She's still complaining, probably every other day, that her tummy hurts! Her bloodwork came back perfect last time and there were no Celiac markers. How long does it really take to get out of her system? Unless she's getting containinated at school, I have no idea why this is still happening? Any thoughts?
  2. Both of my kids were Dx. last May. both had different symptoms. Daughter (6) had tummy and bathroom issues, anemic, pale, always tired, boarderline underweight. Son had tummy issues, constitpation since infant, joint pain, headaches but loads of energy. We are about 6 months Gluten-free. I still get tummy complaints, although less severe and less frequently..son still gets pretty frequent headaches, muscle issue. Hope that helps
  3. Odd things are happening with my daughter...She is nearly 7, 2nd grade. Dx with Celiacs in May 12. She aquired a cold/sinus problems about a month ago. It took a good 3 weeks to clear up but ever since it's cleared up she's been spitting. She says it's phlem but it's not. I catch her all the time with mouthfuls of spit she refuses to swallow. Her teacher told me today that she's not herself, as I feel. Her appitite is barley exsistant. She won't eat much. I've mad e a Dr. appt for her this afternoon so I'll know if she's lost weight. She's pale, tired easily..almost like she was before being gluten-free. Anyone have advise? Thank you!
  4. Lunches

    My kids have been gluten free for several months. Both Celiacs. Lunch still are the hardest part for me. Now they get Honest Kids juice pouch or yogert drink, peanut butter in a bowl, corn or potato chips, dry cereal (chex), cheese stick, piece of fruit, carrots, either gluten-free pasta or gluten-free grilled cheese. Pasta stays well in a thermal bowl and grilled chesse I wrap in alum foil and then place in a sandwich tupperware. I overpack as well. We've also done homemade popcorn, mac & cheese or gluten-free biscuits.
  5. Thank you everyone! We have moved the gluten-free foods to one cupboard so the kids know that all of this is gluten-free, enjoy. My husband's Pringles and Pretzel stash is in a higher cupboard they can not reach. That stuff is only brought out when they are not home or asleep - we'd feel guilty chowing gluten in front of them. Today I purchased new spatulas, wooden spoons, colander, cutting board, tupperware, pizza cutter and rolling pin. Do I have to replace my cookie sheets and baking pans, metal and VERY used? Will baking with Parchment paper work so the food does not touch the sheet? The wheat flour is gone and I did dump the sugar. My condiments are all of the squeezable variety, which they do not like anyhow. Ranch dressing they do like and now Annie's cowgirl ranch is only available. What I need is a fantastic sandwich bread. I've attempted "gluten-free on a Shoestring" sandwich bread recipe but it hasn't turned out great yet. My son was a diehard PB&J kid. Any recommendations?
  6. They have been gluten free for about 6 weeks, my daughter a week before my son. We were all tested and my husband and I tested negative!? I will go to the newbie 101, thank you. I try some lactose free ice cream with him and see if that helps. Many thanks to all!
  7. I have 2 children and very new to this. My daughter was diagnosed with Celiacs after a very long bout with fatigue, stomach aches, urgency to go to the bathroom, and anemia. As she tested positive (blood and endo). My son had the bloodwork done and he had very high levels, so it's assumed he has it as well. He was experiencing differnt symptoms of headaches, joint/muscle pain, constipation and stomaches. They are 6 and 7. My son is still complining of headaches and muscle pain..and both have belly discomfort a few times a week. I did get a new toaster, very carefully about cross contamination but have not replaced pots/pans/plastic kitchen wear. Do you think I have hidden gluten in my kitchen? Seems ice cream is bothing my son as well, but the labels do not contain gluten ingrediants, can I trust foods/labels that are not gluten-free certified? Can Lactose cause stomach aches? All input in welcome and appreciated. Thank you