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  1. If anyone could help or advise I would be eternally grateful, access to information is extremely limited in the UK and from what I am increasingly discovering doctors from GP’s to specialists are pretty clueless. I originally posted my symptoms on here three months ago. Background, I was slowly recovering from the diagnosis of Coeliac Disease in March, I’d just enjoyed a fantastic weekend with my girlfriend when I was randomly hit by a huge bout of anxiety that took me off my feet. Never had a history of anxiety, had no reason to be hit by it. Symptoms that have followed include: Anxiety that is worse in the mornings, fade in the afternoon and die off after 6pm – dizziness, confusion, displacement – acid feelings in my legs, jelly arms, intercostal pain in ribs and numb limbs. It’s like ground hog day every day and this has been my life for the last 12 weeks. I have had every test imaginable Vitamins, brain scan etc and the only resulting factor is cortisol levels are too high – I have been tested for Cushings and that doesn’t appear to be conclusive. The doctors have advised taking anti anxiety meds to curb the problem but I refuse to take them as I know its not the root of the problem. I dose out on Kalms (over the counter herbal remedy) each day just to take the edge of the feelings. I am aware there are links between Coeliac and anxiety, I would be interested if anyone has experienced the same symptoms and recovered? I have taken the following to date which has had little to no success: Vitamins B, C, D – other complex vits like Berroca. I have just started taking Magnesium but a little too early to say whether this has worked or not. Any help or advice would be really appreciated. Many thanks Chris
  2. Thank you all very much for your comments. I have a feeling it was the 'Gluten Free' Pizza that was contaminated. This morning I woke up feeling panicked again, this time I went for a run to burn off the adrenalin - it helped enormously. Still feeling dizzy and unsettled, but not panicked.
  3. Anxiety!

    I'm a 15 stone 6ft 5 man who doesnt do illness - six months ago I was flying a helicopter, I got on a plane on my own last year and drove across Florida. Three months ago I was diagnosed with Coeliac. Over the weekend I was obviously contaminated by a large quantity of gluten - Tuesday morning on the way to work I was hit with the mother of all Anxiety attacks, the top of my head went numb, I went dizzy and the pressure in my head had me on the verge of concerning myself that I was going to black out/ die or have a stroke. I drove myself to A&E. My blood pressure was normal, pulse a healthy 68bpm, but I really did not feel myself, they said it was a stress attack. Yesterday I cried like a baby in front of my girlfriend (I dont do crying), I felt I was losing control of myself. This morning I woke feeling the same - the release of adrenalin makes my legs shake. I got out of bed put my trainers on and ran probably the quickest mile of my life, 30 mins later I still feel dizzy, my head is still numb, but the panic has gone. I am due another check up this morning with my doc and will hopefully rule out other possible conditions, which judging on the speed I ran that mile I would imagine would rule out MS? When you feel you are slipping into the Anxiety imagine yourself in a good place and focus on it, stop your mind from racing, that makes it worse, easier said than done I know. I feel relieved that 99% this is the cause of gluten and Coeliac. I wish you well and I hope you improve - it is easy for it to dent your confidence in going out the door, dont let it.
  4. I was diagnosed with Coeliac three months ago, as well as having the usual symptoms the most alarming is face numbing, a feeling of pressure in my head, dizziness and jelly legs, I wonder if anyone else has experienced this ?– I think this must be when Gluten gets into my system by accident. Over this bank holiday weekend my girlfriend and I ate out quite alot. All my meals were gluten free, but perhaps the chips were cooked in oil that had also cooked battered fish – the McDonalds was scrambled eggs, bacon and hash browns, then to top this off I had the ‘gluten free pizza’ at Pizza Hut. On Tuesday I woke with my head all over the place, I misjudged putting the kettle back on the holder, then driving to work my condition worsened to the point I diverted to hospital and went to A&E, I honestly felt I was having a stroke, perhaps some of it was an anxiety attack? After examination the doctor released me but suggested I should get tested for MS. Yesterday I saw my GP and he has referred me for a scan. Today I was with my girlfriend and my symptoms returned again I was so concerned I went back to A&E – again I was released but told not to drive until the scan had been completed. I’m just wondering if I am on my own with this, or has anyone else experienced this and how did they get over it? Many thanks in advance..