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  1. Hi, I just got diagnosed after 50 years of floods of Celiacs symptoms. ive always been a health nut,I work in the fitness industry (which is getting tough with the 7 months pregnant wheat belly I have)..and I'm not pregnant. Anyways I had test done in Oct 2012 and then again after 4 months of a gluten free diet. My IGa scores are HIGHER than they were before eating gluten free. Is that normal? Also I have hained 15 lbs and feel the worst I have ever felt in my life. I cannot even take my depression meds because they had wheat in them. I'm at a lost here. I have had severe bloating about 20 years and i am shocked how its gotten even worse on the diet. So far the only improvement I have had was all the scalp,arms and buttocks sores are gone. I am trying to take a product to heal my intestines and have also been eating lots of probiotic yogurts..and not the sweet yummy kind either. I am sick as a dog and fear my belly is just goin to explode one day. I cannot even do any sit ups or ab work of any kind ,its so painful. I can only wear spandex type clothes because nothing else fits. I have had a mysterious left side just under the rib cage pain that Im tired of going to the Drs for, they are just idiots and not worth the co-pay anymore. I need serious help here. I feel like Im gonna die a painful death with this. Please help..anyone Jodie
  2. Help With Analysis Results

    Hi, at 50 yrs old I just got diagnosed after 45 yrs of symptoms. So I was happy to at least get the diagnosis. I was tested in Oct 2012 while still eating some gluten. My IgA was 474 I have been gluten free for 3 months. Have been also drinking an intestinal healing powder for celiacs and also taking lots of Bio K liquid probiotics as I also have a candida issue on top of the celiacs. Other than the celiacs and candida, I am a health nut except for my sweet tooth. I juice,eat sardines,taking vitamin,E,A,D and zinc.The rashes (chicken pox like) that have ravaged my scalp and buttocks for 35 years are both almost gone after going gluten free the last three months so imagine my horror to see this result on Mondays IgA test on my celiacs panel. My IgA is now 519 !!!!! should I be dead ? I see everyone else with numbers below 130. and I'm getting scared. I do believe my current Dr is a moron though. she knows very little about eliacs and look s at me like she thinks I am lying about all the symptoms I have had. I want a new Dr in the Denver area. I saw on this site there was a Celiacs Dr nearby so Halleluyah !!! Thanks for posting that !
  3. i Everyone. I am a brand new member , just joined today May 9,2013. Ok I have a million questions as I JUST got diagnosed after 50 years of very serious symptoms. My current Dr didn't even tell me I had Celiacs when a lab test I took diagnosed it over 5 years ago...needless to say I am PISSED at Dr's right now. I had a bunch of labs done Oct 2012 (CBC,Celiacs Blood panel) and after reading some comments on here about what Numbers are normal, Im freaking out right now. OK if ANYONE on here knows something about these numbers PLEASE post a response. Ok I have been gluten/wheat free 3 months now. Also taken Bio K probiotics and and intestinal healing powder. Here are my results Oct 2012 May 2013 (after being gluten free 3 months) IgA 474 IgA 512 TgA -2 glucose 83 glucose 85 cholesterol 272 cholesterol 293 HDL 56 HDL 54 LDL 200 LDL-203 Triglycerides 140 Triglycerides 180 Ok I exercise ALOT, I am pretty much a health nut in every way. I dont know anyone that works out as hard as I do. I know that is only a tiny piece of the puzzle. I have cut so much out of my diet so seeing these results was very upsetting to see. Is it normal for the IgA counts to ever be this high? If its supposed to be 20 Im in deep doo doo. Somebody give me some advice.