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  1. I have celiac an hashimoto's disease. Need to find a doctor who will help with my thyroid. Cannot take regular thyroid meds due to lactose in them and can't find a doctor who will listen. This is my first post and I need help. I feel like my life is over. I have been sick for 4 yrs and have been to every specialist and physician in the area. Everyone says I am crazy. I finally was diagnosed with celiac and hashimotos but I can not take the medicine. I am EXTREMELY sensitive to ALL medicines and must take small dosages but every doctor says that I am over reacting. I know my body. I am so frustrated. I lay in bed with no energy, constant mental cloudiness, body aches, and if I take the thyroid meds my heart rate accelerates, have severe mood swings, tingling all over and hot, and it hurts my stomach. I CANNOT have dairy but no one will send my script to a compounding pharmacy. Please help