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  1. Hi, I have been reading these boards for several weeks now and have learned a lot of good info. Here's my story. Until I was 12 years old, my only health problems were migraines (the kinds that were so bad I would eventually throw up or need a painkiller shot....saw spots, etc.) about four times per year and a belly that stuck out really far despite my extremely skinny body. Then, when I was 12, I had a three week long bout with strep throat before it was diagnosed and I was put on antibiotics. Ever since then, I have had CONSTANT sinus problems. Severe infections at a bare minimum of four times per year which require antibiotics (which I hate taking so often). These infections are so bad they feel like an all-out flu and completely interrupt my life. In an effort to stop these infections, my doctor suggested a tonsillectomy at age 20. At that time, I discovered I had some blod clotting issues when I could have died from my tonsillectomy because of severe and profuse bleeding three weeks after the surgery on two seperate ocassions. I also have unexplained bruises every day on various parts of my body. The tonsillectomy did not help at all, and I continued to have the sinus infections despite trying every possible treatment and alternative method to beat them. Allergy testing for outdoor and indoor allergens always comes back negative. I asked my doctor last year about food allergy and he said my symptoms didn't fit the bill so he wasn't going to test. In May, I decided I was going to take my life back and started doing extensive research. I discovered Candida and Celiac and started doing a very low yeast/low gluten diet. Guess what? I WENT LONGER THAN EVER BEFORE WITHOUT A SINUS INFECTION AND WHEN I FINALLY GOT ONE I WAS ABLE TO GET THROUGH IT WITH NO ANTIBIOTICS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE!!!! Although sinus problems were my main battle, here are other symptoms I have always had that point to Celiac: - get sick often when I get less than 8 hours of sleep per night for several nights - brother has addison's disease (linked to celiac, right?) - EXTREME gas and constipation problems (But no diarreha or pale stools)....these have gone away completely with diet -Dark black circles under eyes constantly - Very thin (5'9" 120 pounds, can't gain weight easily) - Extremely brittle nails Sorry this is so long, I am just hopeful that maybe I have found a solution to a long-time battle. I would have no problem eliminating ANY food if I knew it would help me, that is how desperate I have become. I am now 25 years old and ready to start my life again if this is the answer. Here are some questions I have: 1. Did anyone else have extreme sinus problems as their primary symptom? 2. If I decide to get tested, how long should I go back on a gluten diet before doing so? 3. Anyone know any specifics about the relationship between addison's disease and celiac? Thanks so much for reading this.