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  1. Airborne Gluten...

    hi all- just checking back in for an update- went to an allergist and I'm not allergic to anything.. ugh. I think this is just going to be my life! I can mostly just tolerate whole foods- and the entire family does fine as long as we are all just eating fruit, veggies, and meat. (and those Enjoy Life Chocolate chips!) I start feeling crappy (headache and Gi probs) if I'm in the grocery store too long- they do have a bakery - I've considered asking when they bake, so I can plan to be there when nothing's cooking, but haven't done that yet. I really hate how all social functions are around food. We are trying to still be social- I just pack "safe" food for my family. I know people must think we are weird, but better than than feeling like crap. Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know that we are oK- I think I have moved through the stages of grief and am now at "acceptance"....
  2. Airborne Gluten...

    Allergist appointment in the works! Thanks again for your ideas- very much appreciated!!
  3. Airborne Gluten...

    Many thanks for your replies- I think the allergist is a great idea- perhaps we are celiac and ALSO have an allergy?? I'm sure that is not common! I don't know, but that sounds like a possible reason for my daughter and myself having such extreme reactions. I know that she and I are not typical. She and I both can not tolerate most grains and only a minute amount of any Gluten Free processed food. My other kids and husband are fine with being gluten free & can tolerate grains. So, since I'm the cook... we are grain free/ dairy free- eating tons of fruit and veggies and meats and feeling generally great (except at church). Anxiety - also an interesting idea. I'm not sure that's what is going on, because I feel like it's more of a physical reaction- not sure if I can explain that other than comparing to someone with diabetes just "knows" when their blood sugar is dropping... not sure that makes sense. The allergy induced respiratory distress is more of what I am feeling- which I am sure you are correct in that will bring on some anxiety. It's a puzzle! Thanks again for your kind replies- you've given me much to think on!
  4. I need some advice- My entire family is celiac. Me, husband, and at least 3 of our 4 kids. Our home is Gluten free. We have been Grain free and dairy free for about 5 months. This week, my daughter and I (I think she and I are both "super sensitive") both got glutened at church- just passing around the plate of bread for communion! I got a bad headache, then nausea, then had to get fresh air. It cleared up outside, but almost immediately upon teen terming the building, I started to feel lousy. Tonight I was at work- a shared large office with shared computers. People eat in the room- at the computers. I started to get this tightness in my chest- that's what happens in the bread aisle at the grocery store... My question: how do I do this? How do you do it? My house is safe. No gluten. The rest of the world.... Not so much! Any suggestions?