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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I'll try to make this post short and sweet and to the point - This post may be very unorganized, my thoughts are everywhere, I apologize ahead of time if it is. I was FINALLY diagnosed with celiac disease 7 years ago (after 6 years of going to so many different doctors trying to find one that would listen to me "Yes, I know my body, No, it's not stress, STOP doing the same tests that have already been done, etc.") I've been gluten-free ever since. About 4 years ago I became vegetarian because I didn't ever eat meat, I didn't like it. After being a vegetarian for 3 years, I went raw-vegan...did that for about 6 months ... had some personal stuff going on in my life, ended up becoming just vegan. And I've been vegan ever since! (Jan 2012) Throughout the past 7 years I would randomly have more digestive issues (same symptoms I had before I was diagnosed with celiac). At first I just thought it was due to cross-contamination somewhere (I was married to someone who ate lots of gluten). After we split, I lived alone and there wasn't a speck of gluten in my apartment. But I was still having the issues. About a year ago it became more and more...eventually it was happening after I ate anything. I was frustrated. The doctors kept telling me it was heartburn..(oh here we go again I would say to myself - they don't ever listen) I humored them, took antacids (no relief), Oh, it's IBS (yeah, sure it is, just like it was IBS the first time I was diagnosed so many years ago), You don't have enough fiber in your diet (I eat fruits and vegetables...bs I don't get enough fiber), yet again, I humored them and took more fiber...Then they sent me to a nutritionist, you're not getting enough protein...Oh for cryin out loud, I take protein supplements, I get plenty of protein! (I've been tracking my diet for almost 2 years now). Anyway, I went to see a holistic doctor...they did a food sensitivity test for me...>Come to find out I have a LONG list of sensitivities...YEAST being one of them. (along with other fruits, vegetables, and other things that I wasn't eating) So I started going yeast free...that led to me getting extremely frustrated because I was STILL feeling sick after months of this and I developed an E.D. (that's another story I won't get into). I've recently gone to see an allergist (2wice now) and have come up with some allergies I didn't know I had...Almonds, mushrooms, peanuts, coconut, etc. She told me to stay away from all nuts. Okay, great...so now what? THIS is where I need help...I have been eating about the same 10 foods for I don't know how long now...and I'm sick of it. I have my list of foods I cannot have....I feel like it's longer than if I made a list of foods I can have. :/ I'm trying to find new foods that I can add, recipes, but everything calls for something I can't have and I'm just at a loss... Vegan is the only thing I have in my diet that is my choice - and no, I will not change that.
  2. Hey! I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease 7 years ago. (It took them 6 years to diagnose me - absolute torture) Anyway, Since then, I've become vegan, and recently found out I have more food allergies and sensitivities (it's a long long list). I don't EVER eat out at restaurants... I haven't for the past 7 years. I DO still go out with family/friends to restaurants occasionally, and when I do, I bring my own food. ALWAYS. I don't trust the restaurants...I've worked in them before. I can't handle cross-contamination - therefore, the risk isn't worth it for me. Right now I basically stick to a list of 10 different foods that I eat on a daily basis... Good luck! Hope it all works out for you! )
  3. Hey, Food sensitivities CAN be tested for. I was tested last summer when I was seeing a holistic doctor for my stomach issues because I was sick of the regular doctors not doing anything! (I have a long history with doctors not listening to me). Anywho, the name of the test was Alletess...they have a website, http://foodallergy.com/tests.html That's how I found out about a longggggg list of food sensitivities I have. (To go along with me having celiac disease and being a vegan) Now I've had to get some allergy tests done because I'm still having issues with my stomach...Come to find out, I'm allergic to a lot of things too... But yeah, so there is still hope - DON'T give up! You know your own body better than the doctors...Keep pushing them! I pushed for 6 years before they finally found celiac disease! (Got lots of other diagnosis that were not right - they didn't want to listen to me...kept telling me I was stressed)...I'll stop rambling, Good luck! I hope you can figure it out!