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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Dh And My Sanity!

    I have DH. I was mystified by continued sores even after going gluten-free. It turns out that also avoiding Corn, Soy, and Cow Dairy makes my skin go clear finally ! Also, no chocolate and no coffee. I think its worth a try because DH is a nightmare. Good Luck
  2. Can U Get Dh After Dx?

    Well, even if you had full blown DH to begin with, it would dissapear after you went gluten free. So no, if you are truly gluten-free then DH should not be a problem. There is a mechanism in the body that causes gluten intolerance to actually increase for 7 days after eliminating it. Perhaps you might get some extra symptoms upon accidental ingestion that you did not get before going gluten-free. If you are getting itchy or painful red bumps on your skin that hang around for days and/or ooze and inflame... its probably a reaction from ingesting gluten. Think of it as a handy visual indicator Thats what I do to relieve the depression of seeing them appear. Good luck being gluten-free
  3. Glutened By Cereal Again

    I too have not eaten ( for a year and a half ) anything with directly added glutenous ingredients. At first I did very well. Lately however I have been getting " zapped " with regularity. When I first started the diet I did not know about the gluten-free lists nor were there so many processed foods (falsely) labelled "gluten free" at the time. I did quit well at that point and went many weeks without any problems. Then I discovered the Lists as well as the fact that a bunch of my favorite brands and foods were now available ( supposedly ! ) gluten free. Well I immediately started eating this stuff and rejoicing that my diet would be much less restricted. At this point though, I started getting symptoms of gluten ingestion over and over. I could not figure out what was going on with me untill I read a thread on this board where a woman got poisoned by some gluten-free labeled product, then she called the company and found out the product was actually heavily contaminated. Further investigation revealed that products sold by Bob's Red Mill as gluten-free were being bragged about on the companies website as containing " consistantly less tahn 20ppm gluten!" This is amount of gluten is not tolerable in a gluten-free diet and now I know what was messing me up since I ate their products regularly. This is the thread that I feel saved my life ==> http://www.glutenfreeforum.com/index.php?s...st=entry74229 It clearly illustrates why we cannot trust any processed foods at this point whether they are labeled "gluten-free" or not.
  4. Glutened By Cereal Again

    In the USA there is no standard for " Gluten Free" labeling. Many manufacturers seem to be putting that label on any food without those grains directly added, with absolutely no regard to cross contamination. Coss contamination or the possibility thereof is not an insignificant factor. That possibility makes that particular food a very poor choice for the gluten intolerant. At this point there unfortunately seems to be only one solution which is to eat only whole foods prepared by yourself in your own kitchen. Not easy ! Good luck .
  5. Thank you very much for bringing me to a new level of awareness concerning cross contamination. I think I fell prey to the '"if it is in print it must be true " fallacy due to wishful thinking. It would be nice to be able to eat processed comfort foods but apparently that just will not be possible untill some legal guidelines are in place regarding contamination.
  6. I am afraid that may be exactly the case. Almost every single time I go to eat at another persons house or eat at a restaurant I get an accidental dose of gluten. This happens no matter how careful they try to be or how scrupulously I check the ingredients. If you do not want to get rid of your pots and pans, perhaps you could get one pan and one pot to cook for your son in. And at least for the first year or so, yes have him eat only food from home. He can bring it with him if you must go to eat at someone elses house. In time with healing you may not have to be quite so careful but for now it is essential for your sons health. Good Luck.
  7. Post-celiac And Sports

    Hang in there ! I can tell you from experience... after a good while on the gluten-free diet your sports ability will improve dramatically I am an avid mountain biker. Prior to discovering my gluten intolerance, I was able to hang in there with the group on a ride. Now, a year and a half later, the group is way behind me eating my dust leaving me time to find extra tricks and stunts while I wait for them ! My recovery time is way quicker so I find myself wearing out on set of riding buddies only to go out with some others the next day. I would say do what you can for now exercise - wise and go solo if group pressures are dragging you down. Focus most of your energies on assuring that you ingest only whole foods prepared by yourself and that will be the best thing you can do to increase your sports performance. Good luck !
  8. Hi there. This is sort of a fun question to answer since no one else really wants to hear about this stuff haha. My symtpoms from gluten contamination are: Searing ( burning ) gut pains, sharp twinges in the gut, pain in the joints, back pain, extreme fatigue, sores on my skin ( appearing that day or within 3 days ), grouchiness, D. I am sure I am forgetting some. This misery can last 3 days to a week or so depending on the level of poisoning. My gluten-free ( diagnosed by Enterolab ) gets migraines, depression, lethargy, and some skin sores as well as D. Symptoms last a duration that is proportionate to the amount of gluten ingested. She has gotten 8+ days of migraines from one incident. I hope this helps
  9. Symptoms

    Yes the bumps can show up one at a time. And if they show up symmetrically as they have on your face, thats a classic symptom of DH. Well it sounds like you are commited to eating gluten free. I am too but so far I have only succeeded for at most a month at a time. I keep getting zapped ! We just have to keep trying and I am sure things will get easier as more people recognize that they too are Gluten Intolerant
  10. Symptoms

    My best guess would be that you are getting dosed with gluten again and again. It is extremely difficult to actually eat gluten free unless you completely give up on eating out. For me, if I am eating gluten free my symptoms clear up within a week. I get DH and there are days when I thought I was doing well but those spots appear. Sometimes I feel like crying at that point because its too late and I know I will have to wait it out as more sores run their course, for up to a week. However I would say that symptoms appear worst 1 to 2 days after being glutenized, then get steadily better if no more is ingested
  11. Rachel I believe that if the IGA and tTg numbers are ANYWHERE above the normal range, it means you are gluten intolerant and need to eliminate gluten from your diet for the reast of your life. In the words of Dr. Fine, " Its like being pregnant... you either are pregnant or you are not there is no inbetween " He goes on to state that those two numbers are not indicators of severity. Only the malabsorbtion number indicates the severity of damage. This is true even if you do not posess the celiac genes. Those IgA ans tTg numbers mean that you are gluten intolerant. The gluten intolerance is most likely to be the source of your malabsorbtion. If while on a gluten free diet you and your kids are still getting sick, look for hidden sources of gluten. I have found it nearly impossible to eat gluten free without buying all whole foods and preparing them myself. THe only exception to that rule is prepackaged foods that are labeled " gluten free ". Good luck !