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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks everyone I really appreciate your replies and support My doctor has been Very very vague - he didn't seem to know what the endescopy looks for and when i said going gluten-free might affect it he said 'well it doesn't really matter you will probably just be told your ate intolerant anyway and will have the same advice to go gluten-free.' i had to push to see the gastro because i git fed up of him telling me it was ibs! Im in the UK so can't change doctors really though. Also being in the UK means long wait times - i was lucky to get the wait i did - the other gastro wait time was 12 weeks!! I was wondering if it could be withdrawel? How long can withdrawel last? I do feel a tiny bit better today fingers crossed it lasts!!
  2. Today I'm feeling really down and at bit at the end of my tether. I just don't know what to do and could do with some friendly advice Basically I was diagnosed IBS years ago due to bloating/cramping/gas etc. Since my pregnancy last year everything has been so much worse though and my migraines/fatigue really stepped up to the point where I can barely function. I'm pretty sure I had DH during my pregnancy although it wasn't confirmed. The doctor has tested my bloods but they were negative for celiac however my liver functions are elevated and so tomorrow I'm going for scans to see if I have fatty liver (apparently this raise in liver functions are commonly an early indicator of celiac). The doctor has reffered me to the gastro although that appointment isn't for another 6 weeks. In the meantime he told me to gluten-free as my symptoms have been so bad. (Although won't this affect my endescopy if I get sent for one??) I've been gluten free for about 3 weeks but I've had a few mishaps here and there - at first I felt great but now I feel even worse In particular my migraines are terrible and I've started having horrible numb/tingly feelings down the right side of my leg/face which I didn't get before. Is this normal?? The whole thing is making me feel horribly anxious and down - I got married last weekend which was fantastic but all these symptoims really affected my big day. I feel like maybe it's not even celiac due to negative bloods - yet EVERYTHING else seems to be pointing that way - but I have no one to talk to about it and another 5 weeks before I see the specialist! just want to cry :'(
  3. Im getting married this Saturday and the caterers have been fantastic about making me a gluten-free dish at no extra cost - if i were you i would contact the host and ask id there is anything that can be done. I know i would be more than happy to make any adjustments i could to make sure my guests get a nice meal - i know im coming from a gluten-free perspective but even before i was gluten-free i would have been sad to think one of my guests couldn't enjoy the day properly too and would do what i could to help x
  4. Glutened Or Just Paet Of Recovery?

    Thank you so much everyone for your advice we are going time today so I am going to de-gluten the kitchen!! Im beginning to think I was glutened for sure - today my mother in law took put two slices of my gluten-free bread to toast and put it on the board covered in crumbs - when I said I couldn't eat that now she looked at me like im bonkers Another question though - if it was just a case of cc from crumbs or something would you still get full symptoms? I ended up with fatigue, bloated, nauseated, migraine and bad brain fog - it seems crazy a that a tiny bit of gluten could do that?
  5. No - but thanks for the info! I was screened for Hep A B and C when pregnant so not related to that. Pretty sure it's the gluten :-/
  6. Glutened Or Just Paet Of Recovery?

    Thank you diana - I am staying at my mother in laws this week and its fair to say their kitchen is full of gluten!! Scones cakes bread - its a gluten nightmare... Would a small cross contamination make you feel that awful? I did read that U feel even worse from gluten if you get it once you have been gluten-free for a while?
  7. I have been gluten-free for two weeks now (not long I know!!) but have already seen a huge improvement especially with the brain fog, headaches and fatigue. today I feel awful though like completely back to square one but I've been soooo careful I don't know how i could have got glutened?? Yesterday i ate: Banana and milk protein shake Two slices gluten-free bread with Marmite A salad with a jacket potato beans and tuna fish Some scrambled egg with bacon A banana i woke up and had a great day yesterday bur started to feel bad around 5 and feel worse today. Im pretty sure there is no gluten in there?? Or am i just having bad day because its still so early in the healing process?? Advice would be greatly appreciated - I feel like Im becoming obsessed with gluten!!!
  8. That sound awful - I'm so sorry you went through that Just out of curiosity are you red headed? It's been proven that red heads need more sedation and anaesthetic than other people to put them out. I found this out the hard way when my anaesthetic stopped working mid way through a c-section here's some interesting research on it: http://science.howstuffworks.com/science-vs-myth/everyday-myths/redhead-anesthesia.htm I really hope you at least get something useful from your results xx
  9. Im completely in the same boat! gluten-free for two weeks and I feel like a new person already - I can function without brain fog or insane fatigue at last!! Bloods were negative - but liver shows signs of being fatty - to do the endescopy id need to eat gluten again but im finding it hard to get people to take me seriously - my mother in law keeps offering me cake and saying 'oh god a little bit won't hurt!' but it will!! So like you im thinking should I seek a proper diagnosis or settle with my own opinion....
  10. See I very much agree with this - my doctor is rubbish though and keeps on saying its ibs- although he has put me in for a liver scan and re test of bloods. Should I push for an endoscopy though? Or, if my next lot of bloods show improved liver function, just stick gluten-free rather than having to back on it for an endescopy that might show nothing up and just self diagnose as celiac??
  11. Sugerdale - that's interesting... It sounds like maybe you didn't gibe it enough tine the first time? I read that withdrawel from gluten can make too feel even worse at first and for me I certainly felt worse foe a day or two. 8days in and I feel like a new person - less bloating/more energy/reduced migraine attacks. I wonder if anyone has a view on whether the liver function issues would mean it is celiac rather then ncgi? Ravenglass - after all those negative blood results how did you get the celiac diagnosis?
  12. Hello! I had my blood tests back today and they are fine BUT doc says liver function is abnormal at 74 - given that I have lots of other symptoms could this mean I could have celiac still? or is it more likely just NCGI? I've been gluten-free for a week now and have noticed more energy/less bloating and less brain fog. If I stop eating gluten and my liver level goes back to normal when they re-test (in two weeks) would that mean it was just a glitch in the blood tests? or proof of a gluten problem? Please advise!!!
  13. met with the doctor today and he said the blood tests showed that my liver function is showing abnormal enzyme levels - I;ve just read this can be a sign of celiac too is that right?? he said we will look a scan to look for fatty tissue but was unclear whether he thought that was celiac related or just a precaution? he did say stick to a gluten-free diet though...
  14. I Am Confused....

    I am in exactly the same boat! negative tests but anemic and with all the celiac symptoms - gluten-free for 6 days and I feel like a different person already - I don't know what to think either!
  15. I'm so confused and would love some friendly advice/support... So I got my blood tests back yesterday and they were negative for celiac however my FBC was abnormal. They haven't told me what this means yet, they want to see me tomorrow but i'm guessing it's going to be that i'm anemic again despite taking supplements and eating an iron rich diet. The thing is I stopped eating gluten a week ago after the blood was taken and I genuinely feel like a different person already - I'm still bloated but my headaches have gone and for the first time in two years I don't feel like I need a nap at 11am - i actually have some energy and I feel sharp - like the fog has lifted - even my colleagues have noticed the difference! I don't know whether to bother pushing for a biopsy or whther I should just stay gluten-free - would being gluten-free affect the biopsy if you were gluten-free only for a few weeks? could I just be gluten intolerant? I don't really know what to do my mum keeps saying 'it's just stress/IBS' which makes me feel like i'm making a fuss out of nothing - it's so frustrating!