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  1. Thanks tarnalbarry...I appreciate your reply. My heart goes out to those who can't eat them...just makes life that much trickier.... thanks again!
  2. Hi Stephanie...sorry to appear ignorant but would you explain to a newbie what your quote means? I wouldn't bother you but it's just got me soooooooo curious.....thanks so much!!
  3. I fit into this category as well. The gluten-free diet is healthier - that's a good start - I have always had better results in losing weight with exercise (as is the norm). I joined curves - but whatever works is better than not working it at all. I think consistancy is the key...as it is with anything. Good luck!!
  4. Hi there...new to the board but not new to the reasons to be here....have him tested by all means....if not just for peace of mind. Education is the best tool anyone can have. It can only make everyone (including you) feel better. Good luck to all of you!