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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My daughter is also about to be 3 and I have the same suspicions. I started a gluten free diet about a month ago and it has helped me tremendously despite a negative biopsy. My grandmother had celiac so I know it runs in the family. And the fact that I'm responsive to a gluten free diet leads me to believe that it could be the problem for her as well. As a baby she had to be on special formula She had blood in her stool as an infant and we never figured out why She has been drinking cows milk but I recently switched her to almond Se has had terrible constipation for the past few months and every day cries about how much it hurts The past week it's changed over to diarrhea but she still cries in pain She is a normal weight of 31# BUT she has only gained a pound this year She likes to chew on crushed ice so I wonder if she is anemic? I always catch her sticking the metal part of toys in her mouth- even at age 3 She hardly eats even though I offer her healthy food all day She also has the dark circles under her eyes and I've noticed she is started to bruise a lot I'm becoming pretty worried, although she still has plenty of energy and spunk. But I hate to hear her crying in pain every day I've talked to the dr already and a few nurses and they keep telling me to give miralax daily and do a suppository. I don't know if I'm on the right track suspecting celiac/gluten intolerance or I just have it on my mind because I am going through it right now. I hope you find out what's going on with your little girl. I take mine for her 3 yr appt next week and will talk to her dr then.
  2. Thank you, I definitely plan to stick with it as I know something must have been helping. I just hate that I can't figure out what changed. Tonight I know that everything I cooked was gluten free and my stomach still hurts. How big of a deal is cross contamination? I haven't replaced any mixing bowls, pots/pans , etc but pretty much everything has been run through the dishwasher.
  3. I never had any bloodwork done but had an EGD biopsy which came back negative for celiac. My grandmother had celiac and I was so miserable I went ahead and decided to do a gluten free test. This has been close to 3 weeks now that I have been gluten free. I would say the first week I felt a huge improvement!! I had felt: Extremely bloated, more so than at 9 months pregnant with my children Constipated Random sharp stomach pains all over Heaviness in upper stomach Headaches Back pain Always tired Terrible hives I've also got hypothyroid and bad anxiety/depression Within days all the stomach problems cleared up, my body wasn't aching, I had more energy, my hives were better, I stopped getting the headaches I have been getting every day for years!! My anxiety was much less and I felt happier all around. Basically, diagnosis or not, I was determined never to touch gluten again. Now the past week some of these symptoms have been sneaking back in. I can't figure out what I'm doing so wrong? Does that mean the problem isn't gluten after all? I hate that I felt so good right at first And now it is gone. Is there something I am missing?