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  1. Canker Sores

    My sons canker sores were severe. It was between that and his constantly complaining about his stomach aches that pushed me to take him to a specialist. My family doctor tested for h pylori, it came back negative. I just had the feeling that he was wrong. After an upper and lower Gi we found he did have the h pylori bacteria and not long after we started on meds for it his test results came back saying he was positive for Celiacs. Wow what a moment to finally find out what the problem was after so long of fighting it. He had mouth sores so severely that it actually scared his mouth. He could not even get braces which he needs badly. Now we are on the right track. I can tell when he has something he is not suppose to eat because his mouth breaks out. I currently give him B complex and lysene every day. He has aspergers and ADHD also. His melt downs have been fewer and he is currently doing a little better in school. His father has always had mouth sores also. We had him tested for celiacs but it came back negative. He has all of the symptoms including osteoporosis He just had a hip replacement and is only 53 years old. He has not complained of a mouth sore since I insisted we all go gluten free. I am currently still learning about all of the wheat products and I am still amazed at the items with wheat in them. I am grateful to have forums like this one to help.
  2. I had the same problem. My son did eat one of those pizzas and woke up irritable and his stomach hurt. I immediately went to their corporate web site and complained. This afternoon the manager of the local store called me. It was a great call. He assured me that he would do everything in his power to make sure that the gluten free pizzas that they sell are just that. Cross contamination is a big problem. He said their crust comes in already pre-made. He thinks that maybe the screens they bake them on is the problem or even the cutter. He promised to purchase screens for only the gluten free pizzas and suggested telling them to not cut the pizza, just to cut them myself. I felt really good about the call. He seemed to really care and want to work with me. I suggest calling your local Dominoes and speaking with the manager. Explain the problem and hopefully he will work with you also. My son was diagnosed a month ago. I hope this helped.