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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My daughter is 4.5yo and has had celiac disease since birth. We have been gluten free since she was 2. Her typical symptoms of being glutened were primarily and initially a skin rash. The rash, which is very specific and easy to spot, was always the symptom we saw when she got glutened due to cross contamination as well. Anything more than CC and she had symptoms which include diarrhea, vomiting, constipating, fever, bloating, incontinence, mood swings, extreme fatigue, etc. However, recently (past month or so) she has started having a lot of unexplained tummy aches. Probably a couple times a week, with no known cause or other symptoms (sometimes fatigue). Could her symptom 'patterns' be changing as she gets older? Has anyone had any experience with this? TIA!
  2. Hi! My daughter has Celiac and was born with it active. She is 4.5yo now. Before diagnosis and going gluten free, her poops were always constipated hard, she had trouble passing gas as an infant. After going gluten free, her poop is normal and regular. When she gets glutened, and when we have had to do gluten trials, she bounces between diarrhea and constipation. Both are normal reactions for a celiac. Our families didn't have any history either....then after my daughter's diagnosis, an aunt and a cousin on the same side of the family were diagnosed. Prayers- this initial period of trying to figure things out is so hard!
  3. DON"T APOLOGIZE!! Seriously, this is all so stressful and confusing. I worked on it an hour or so a day. We are probably going gluten free as a household when we get back from vacation. It doesn't help that my MIL thinks she is "helping" when she buys junk food that says gluten-free on it. I wouldn't let her eat this crap anyway!!! Ugh.
  4. We did the scope and biopsy and blood work. The GI said that he did not see any damage to her villi, but he qualified that by saying he wasn't surprised because she is so young and has been off of gluten most of her life. He said it will be the blood work and biopsy that really show if she is Celiac. He said he thinks she definitely had a gluten problem (obviously). Meanwhile, she got glutoned somehow yesterday and threw up today and have multiple gross poops. The only thing I can think of is the restaurant we went to yesterday that claimed their gluten free fair was prepared and cooked separately. **Sigh**
  5. ......on to the scope tomorrow! I'm not sure to be happy that the biopsy was negative for DH and hold out hope she doesn't have Celiac, or be upset we still have to go through with the scope....or both..... Any advice on how to make the procedure and 'recovery' easier on her? She is 2 1/2...
  6. BTDT? I am trying to remember that they have been good about listening to me and then trying to find out the best way to do things. The comments people make get under my skin right now. I KNOW that I'm being sensitive to it, which is why I come over here and post it where people will understand what we are trying to do, and why the comments agitate me. I just LOVE (note the sarcasm) how people think they can second guess/question what I feel is the best course of action for my daughter. Grrrrrr..... Hehe, Greebo, I'll suggest that to her next time.....
  7. AAAAARRRRRRGGGHHHH!! *Sigh* I had to get that out. Still waiting on the immunofluorescence studies of the suspected DH- I explain to the derm's office that if it comes back positive we don't have to do the scope..... She says, "Well don't you think they need to go ahead and do the scope to see what is going on?" NO. No, I don't. The scope is diagnostic, it doesn't alter treatment! I proceed to explain that we aren't trying to "find out what is gong on" if we already know what is going on by the positive DH. That we aren't trying to determine treatment with the scope- there is NO treatment, just a gluten-free diet. I am not going to put my daughter through a scope if I.don't.have.to. And who are you to question my judgement for my daughter on something you have proven to me before you don't know anything about???? If the DH comes back positive, we know what Celiac disease does- we don't need to scope her intestines to "see what is going on." We already KNOW what is going on. The blood work for the CBC and Anemia is going to tell us "what is going on." **breathe** Off to google immunofluorescence studies.....
  8. My daughter reacts same day or within the next 2 days. It varies
  9. Nope. They told me their courier comes every day at 4 and to feel free to call. The nurse said she would call me as soon as she got the results, but I called yesterday before she looked at the reports. As far as pharmacies go- be prepared to have to call the medicine manufacturers and for them to give you a canned line of "we do not certify our products but can tell you there are no ingredients that naturally have gluten in them". Pain!
  10. Totally stealing this idea......
  11. My little girl goes to preschool part day- they have a snack and a lunch that we pack. The teachers always tell me when someone is bringing in cupcakes or something for birthdays, or if they are having a party they tell me what is on the menu. I let them know what she can or can't have on the menu, then bring in an equivalent cupcake or cookie for her that is gluten free on the days they will have something like that. The teachers and director of the preschool are fantastic and always check with me before they give her anything. I also have a little cheat sheet that I take to the teachers on what celiac is, what it does to her, and some common forms of gluten and hidden gluten. Maybe the teacher can send out a letter to the other parents explaining Celiac and to let the teachers know ahead of time before bringing food for the whole class?
  12. Plus, when I google pictures of psoriasis, that is NOT what her rash looks like at all. Once the blisters pop, dry, and then eventually peel, they kind of.....sort of...maybe look like that- ish..... It is a stretch.
  13. IKR!! I wanted to be like, well, thanks for the waste of money....we already knew she had eczema, and if the DH test comes back positive, it probably isn't psoriasis! I don't think it is psoriasis, but if it is, it is just another Celiac symptom......
  14. So the biopsy of the blister came back.....inconclusive with possible diagnosis being eczema and psoriasis.... Well I could have told them that. The immuno-florescent study of the uninvolved skin has not come back yet. The nurse said "well it says it is not diagnostic of DH"- Duh. I told them the biopsy of the blister wouldn't diagnose DH.
  15. Well it is a darn good thing I knew where to biopsy! The NP we saw was adamant on biopsying the actual blister. I told her 3 different doctors and all I'd researched said it had to be beside it with uninvolved skin. They called the pathologists and ended up taking 2 biopsies. They are going to do a full pathological workup on the biopsy of the blister, and then the DH of the "uninvolved" skin. I am just hoping the test results come back before the scope, so that if they are positive, we can cancel the scope! Her bottom this morning was terrible. Her 3 blisters turned into a break out on her entire bottom.