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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Im pretty sure my daughter has Celiac desease or some kind of Gluten intolerance. She is only 15mos. but was doubleling over in pain with attacks that would last for 2 hours or longer. Her condition just recently started at the end of March, and she has not been the same since. I have removed Gluten from her diet as well as mine and removed Gluten all together out of the home. She had another attack last Saturday, when she was visiting with a grandparent. Im not sure what she ate, but pretty sure she was probably Glutened. She does not ever throw up but she gets very bad stomach pain and doubles over screaming for hours. Her overall wellbeing has made major improvements since Gluten was removed about a month ago. She has got a lot more energy and is back to her peppy self. Also, her growth has leveled off and she is not following her growth curve. At 15mos, she is only 17.5 lbs and is the size of a 9mos old. She is constipated most of the time and occaisionaly has diarreah. She has not had any official testing done yet for Celiac because she is already traumatized from Dr. visits and ER visits, and I understand that this condition is hard to diagnose. She has had x rays and ultrasound which came back normal. None of the doctors have even mentioned Celiac desease to me, but I have been researching a lot on the internet. She also breaks out in hives and has ezema. I have not been able to confirm exactly was gives her hives but it looks like eggs which have also been removed from her diet. Does this sound like Celiac Desease? I feel so helpless when she has an attack and it is horrifying because I can tell she is in extreme pain. I massage her stomach and her back when she gets one, and Im trying to make sure she does not get glutened. Is it possible for a baby to develope Celiac at 14 mos? It appears that this all started after taking her to the ER for a UTI which was pretty traumatic for her. Im wondering if this traumatic event triggered it. Any answers or advice I can get would be much appreciated.
  2. Im new here. My 15mos old appears to have Celiac Desease. She is finally doing better now and almost a completely different and happy baby now that I have removed Gluten all together from her diet. She would get horribe painful attacks, and the doctors could not seem to figure out whats wrong with her. Any advice for the newbie? Do Celiacs do okay with Soy milk? She doesn't seem to do well with regular milk.