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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I know this is an old post now, but I wanted to share this in case someone else comes to this forum for help with similar symptoms. It turns out that you folks were both right, and wrong. My case was too severe to be Celiac, because it wasn't. It also wasn't food poisoning. I had a benign tumor called Focal Nodular Hyperplasia. It's a tumor on the liver, and usually causes no symptoms. However, since mine was large (6-7 cm) and in the exact right spot, it pressed on my stomach and caused "false satiety," meaning that I'd eat once slice of pizza and feel so full it was disgusting and painful. That would be followed by nausea and eventually vomiting. Shortly after I posted this question, I was admitted to the hospital for a week because I literally could not stop vomiting. They figured out what was wrong, thank God, and I have since had surgery to remove the tumor. I am fully recovered and feeling better than ever. Thank you everyone for your help, and thank you for continuing to insist that my symptoms were too severe to be Celiac, because you were right!
  2. It started as vomiting after meals, for over a month, and then suddenly this happened. I was feeling just fine before I started getting sick, just like all the other times. It shouldn't be food poisoning, or else it's the most extreme case ever, since I've been having these symptoms for a month. I'm not pregnant because I've had three pregnancy tests done since the symptoms started. A stomach bug on steroids certainly sounds right. I know it's not a common symptom, but is it a symptom at all? As I said before, I too was getting nauseated after ever meal (unless the meal was gluten-free, like veggies and hummus). The vomiting was after eating things like pasta, tacos, drinking beer, or eating fast food. This bout of vomiting was also accompanied by severe stomach pain, to the point where the ER had to give me an anti-nausea and then a painkiller. What kind of symptoms did you all get? Really, has anyone at all ever experienced symptoms like this? Usually it was just a few hours of nausea and vomiting and then I was fine.
  3. I have not yet been officially diagnosed with Celiac, but am currently researching due to several doctors' recommendations. About a month ago I started feeling extremely nauseas and sometimes vomiting directly after a meal. I visited my primary care physician, and she suggested I try an exclusionary diet. Silly me, two days ago I went out for McDonald's and had a beer. About an hour after the beer I started feeling sick. I vomited between seven and ten times that night, then woke up and immediately began vomiting again, nonstop, for hours. I had to go to the ER. Several people are now very convinced this indicates Celiac and that I need to switch to Gluen-free. I am completely fine with this if it stops me from ever having to live though yesterday again! I don't know anyone with Celiac, but do know one person with a gluten intolerance who said he feels lethargic and just "wrong" after ingesting gluten products. That sounds much to mild to be what I experienced over the last 24+ hours. Here is my question. Has anyone else experienced severe symptoms like this before? Or heard of someone who did? I am at a loss here.