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  1. As of today I have started the Gluten Free diet to see where it goes. After a little bit on the diet I think I plan on seeing a dietician to figure out what type of vitamens I will need to take (I understand going Gluten-Free can limit ones intake of certain vitamens. 1Desperateladysaved - Yes I get the pinprick and numbness sensation. My hands also model. change colors, get spotty do yours do that? Nvsmom - I have tested my blood sugar on and off for 3 months and never found it to be lower than what is considered average. Thanks for the support!.
  2. This is my first post Hi I have been struggling/frustrated with my health for the past two years now. I feel like I've seen every doctor out there and no one has been able to give me an answer. To start off I have had ever changing symptoms over the past 2 years, it all started and still seems to circulate around fatigue. Up until this last year the symptoms have taken on some neurological traits like hand tremors, hand circulation/tingiling, eye/face twitches, and feet tingling. The one thing I’ve usually been able to notice is these symptoms tend to be worse after I eat, (The other night I ate a burger had two beers and felt super bloated) I have had my blood tested for celiac and it came out negative but many things I have read say that you can still be gluten sensitive. My main point of this post is just wondering if anyone else has had symptoms like me and tested negative for celiac before I attempt to go gluten free. My main symptoms are Fatigue Hand Tremors Leg Tremors Hand/Leg Tingling/circulation Exercise resistance Stomach Bloating at times Eye Twitches/Facial Tremors Sometimes in the afternoon at work the fatigue will hit so bad its hard to focus my eyes and keep them open Teeth Chattering constantly Any posts/opinions help Thanks so much Frustrated C.