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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I think this explanes what I was trying to say, my english must be pretty bad http://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/topic/108687-even-gluten-free-foods-triggering-reaction-after-initial-glutening/
  2. I am going to use this next time I am offered senseo. What the crap is that? I was sensitive to coffie and chewing gum untill I stopped eating something that was bothering me (don't remember what it was). Maby (or maby not) there is something weakining your stomach making you intolerant to strong coffie. It might me worth the try looking into a food diary and see if there is a pattern.
  3. It's day five since quitting the challange, I am still so run down,tired and feeling hopeless. Could it last so long? I respond the same way to gluten-free oats, or at least the runny nose. Long time since I gave up oats but I remember me eating oats stating "I can eat otats! I can eat oats! It's FINE!" while sucking my nose constantly. I didn't want to make the connection. Thank you for responding to me :flowers: (just pretend they are there)
  4. I think I am definitally not celiac (based on tests and my iron is fine), but I am severly food intolerant and I am really restricted, I was eating gluten-free cornflakes, lactose free milk, rice porridge, gluten-free crackers, butter, cheese, rice, eggs and some meats - then I added wheat bread. I was having some symptoms like sudden runny nose for short period of time, sneezing, lipliner and a red circle on my upper lip, thirst, dry mucosa, excessive mucus in stool and constipation, peeing alot, irritation in body at night, joint pain and numbness and nerve pain in my right hand. I took out bread and most of the symptoms cleard up but not the lip, hand and dry mucosa. Yesterday I didn't eat my gluten-free cornflakes, I had a good sleep, not peeing so often and my hand was fine. Usually I could eat the gluten-free cornflakes but suddenly now I react to it. Hence I was wondering if a gluten challange could make me not tolerate what I usually do.
  5. Joint Pain (New To Me)

    Yes food intolerance in general can cause joint pain. I usually have joint pain on my left side (but both knees). I was six months recovering from a sprained wrist, or untill I took some food out and just days later the wrist was fine. Sometimes elimination is all you can do, if all tests are fine.
  6. I am wondering if someone knows if testing gluten can make you intolerant to other foods you are eating? I was testing if gluten was causing intolerance or if it was preservatives in the gluten food. Now I am suddenly intolerant to my usual breakfast, gluten-free cornflakes.
  7. I think people don't like when your different, "you ought to be like the group and eat cake!". Once at work I had a piece of candy and one lady said she was so happy seeing me eating candy! I notice when I eat with other people that they don't relax and eat their food, they are watching what other are doing with their food. Pretty weird.
  8. Alcohol

    Have you noticed some other food intolerances than the wine? I get stomach pains if I drink alcahol and also when I eat skyr or yogurt or other fermented foods.
  9. I use himalaya and maldon salt, table salt tastes horrible when you start using good salts.
  10. Excactly, people find me sooo boring hahaha. Hope this helps, good luck on your journey
  11. Hey Millerb68 Have you looked into amines, salicylates and glutamates and tried failsafe diet? It's a tough challenge but might help, here is a great site http://fedup.com.au/ The food restrictions bother me less then peoples behavior around my intolerances. Sometimes I feel like a freak!
  12. Nice! Cool to see a fellow icelander here
  13. Hi Ele, thanks for responding. I haven't been tested for anything but celiac (wich was negative) and some common allergies. I have looked into nickel but I have yet to test if that is the case. I have alot of testing to do to see what kind of chemicals I don't tolerate, if I can stay clean for a while (but that is soooooo hard ). Your english is just fine, I am from Iceland and know how puzzling it can be sometimes to line up the right words in a sentence
  14. What does not set me off is: rice, GFcornflakes, eggs, lactosfree milk, coffie, salt, gum, crispbread made of rice and cornflour, cheese, butter, chicken (don't know about fish and other meets, chicken is the only thing that taste good just with salt). Anything else can set of some symptoms. I don't know what kind of food intoleranca I have, if other things irritate the system because I am not healed after gluten damage or something else is bothering me. I haven't tested positive for celiac though.