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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Hey Everyone!!! I have a queston/ concern is is possible for gas/constipation/bloating to cause shortness of breath i have been having quite a bit of shortness of breath going up flight of stairs, when i bend over or crouch down (especially), streaching.... my stomach is really bloated i look pregnant..... i am having diffiiculties with bm's....drinking and eating is adding pressure to my stomach.....i've tried metamucil it is't helping much.... i ended up using a laxitive... it didn't help much either..... i actually went to a walk in clinic and explained that i have been having barely 1 bm a week the guy actually laughed at me and said that was an extreme exageration..... and that that wasn't possible is it possible my stomach is causing these breathing problems? it is begining to really bother me.... anyways thanks for listening and any advice
  3. Thyroid Question!

    wow i some how missed this response sorry!!!! i had a tsh t4 and t3
  4. hey there this use to happen to me eveytime i stood up it eentually subsided now it happends probably a few times a week sometimes it even happens when i'm standing my ears ring really bad my vision goes blurry and i get dizzy i usually just cover my ears with my hands and close my eyes it only lasts about 5 to 10 seconds for me it is scarry though ive complained about this sooo many time to docs they don't know what it is i have low iron blood sugar problems and labile hypertention in my case it could be any of the above causing it are you drinking enough water..... i was told dehydration could cause this as well
  5. Hyperinsulinemia

    hey there sorry it takes me sooo long to respond i find it very hard to find time to get on here... nancy is right the strips only show sugar level. this past wednesday i went to a walk in clinic i am in the process of looking for a new doctor i've had enough of mine anyways i had blood drawn for a random sugar test and an insulin test.... the woman who took the blood said she has never heard of a test to check insulin levels that its all part of the glucose test .... i don't know what that was all about... now i'm just waiting for the result i dont know what kind of luck i'm going to have with that considering their lack of knowldge.... ttys
  6. Hyperinsulinemia

    THANK YOU ALL SOO MUCH FOR YOUR RESPONSES !!! Don't worry about taking over the thread its all great information you have provided me with... I have a sugar testing machine because my mom had insulin resistance type 2 diabetes she gave me one of her machines what happened to my mom was that she wasn't feeling well her body was over producing insulin because her body wasn't using it when her sugars didn't go down her pancreas would produce more, it became burnt out and eventully stoped producing insulin all together... the doctors told her there was nothing wrong with her by the time they found out she had full blown diabetes, kidney damage and a whole host of other things had they of caught it in time she would be alot better off now thats my biggest fear i've read on the net that the docters dont take hyperinsulinemia seriously at all that they normally acknowledge it after the fact hyperinsulinemia is the over production of insulin this becomes toxic to your body hypo " is under production in Canada however we measure differently the box of stripes i have says normal - 3.9 - 5.7 and a low test if under 3.7 i do know that when you have a blood test they say abnormal would be a fasting sugar of over 6.0 or a random sugar of 11.0 or over i don't know if any of you are familiar with this way of testing.... i'll have to look on the net for the canadian version of home testing let me know what you think
  7. Thyroid Question!

    Hey Momandgirls I am going to look further into the temp thing i'll have to look it up though especially because in canada we use celcius. the tests that were run were tsh, t3 and t4 thanks for the great idea!
  8. Hey there! I have always questioned having some sort of bloodsugar problem because of the hypoglcemic attacks i have my mother had insulin resistance which wasn't caught or treated in time which then turned into type 2 diabetes.... she says she recognizes most of the symptoms i complain of i have been trying to research this on the net before i see the endo guy... which is probably not a good idea docs or atleast the ones ive seen hate it when patients look up things on the net... anyways my symptoms are hypoglycemic attacks : sweats, shakes, dizzyness, blurred vision, overactive bladder, palpitations, my whole body trembles.... i get an intense hunger and loss of balance and dizzyness after meals and after a fasting period, i also have shortness of breath, i find that walking up a flight of stairs or just walking a short distance gives me shortness of breath..... i've noticed as well i have trobles breathing when its humid or even in the shower or cooking with steam i also get anxious when my sugar is dropping... i began making notes about everything i was eating and when the attacks were happening i did notice that when i consumed any larger amounts or sugar i would wake up in the middle of the night with severe attacks it took months and months for me to realize what it was waking me up at night it rarely happens now however i still do have boughts of this in the day time not as severe as the night attacks..... does anyone suffer from the same sort of thing or have any advice i am really concerned that this is going to turn into diabetes because the docs aren't taking me seriously and this has been going on for more than a year now i also am unable to loose anymore weight when i went off of gluten and yeast i lost 18 pounds but i am now at a stand still i have alot more to go and cant excersise because of the shortness of breath thankyou for listening and for any responses
  9. thank you guys sooo much for your suggestions and support i have decided to wait i little while longer to go off the way i'm feeling know i don't think i could handle witdrawls as well but trust me when i do start this hopefully within the next month or two i will be in touch with you all you have all been such a great help to me i don't feel so alone anymore i am putting up a new post re insulin levels please check it out it you have any advice for me thanks again:)
  10. Thyroid Question!

    hey there! well just as i had thought the thyroid test came back negative.... following the trend i guess i still don't have an appoint with the endo guy i called them and he said hopefully in late august or september i don't want to go through another summer like this.... I am going to be making a seperate post about insulin levels if anyone has any advice for me please respond here or check out my new posting thanks so much for all your support!!
  11. hello everyone! i was just wondering if anyone has sucessfully been freed from paxil i'm hopping to go off of it very soon i've been on it for almost a year and a half i've heard all kinds of horror stories about withdrawls never ending and such if there is anyone out there that has taken paxil and sucessfully got off it please let me know how much you were taking and for how long and about your withdrawls if any any advice or support is welcome thanks you!!!
  12. Thyroid Question!

    hello thank-you for your responses... My gp wont order the tests he says there is no point that the specialist is just going to run his own tests anyways... I think he has lost interest the last thyroid blood test i had was exactly a year ago and it was normal.... I heard that it can take up to a year for the blood test to be high or low.... I don't know but i'm fed up of waiting when i feel so terrible everyday... my blood pressure is up today i'm cold and just feel off can't really put my finger on it... I just pray that specialist can see me soon and actually help me... jnkmnky what are the docs going to do about the lumps? I am going to ask for an u/s because there is something there i also wanted to ask does anyone know if shortness of breath is a symptom of this or does it happen to anyone else ... it seems that since my throat has become an issue i get winded very easily doing simple things like cleaning or walking up a flight of stairs.... the bottom of my feet are numb quite often aswell thanks again!! Danijela
  13. HEY ALL!!! I have been having problems with my throat/ neck for some time now... I've been waiting for an appt. with a specialist for just over 7 weeks now.... My GP said my throat is really red inside.... I find that in the evening and mornings I have difficulty swallowing it almost feels like what I swallowed (liquid or food) is stuck in my throat (more in my neck sort of if that makes any sence) my thyroid is swollen at times I can feel with my hands that one side is noticably bigger than the other... my voice goes hoarse and it hurts went I talk for extended periods of time....my hands and feet are always cold and its weird my even when I don't feel cold my skin is freezing to the touch (arms lower back and stomach ive noticed the most) I'm still having sugar problems as well... I mentioned this before in another posting... I didn't get much of a respose If anyone has any wisdom for me it would be greatly appreciated!!!
  14. An Update

    hey! I just noticed yesterday that the skin in the centre of my neck has changed texture and colour just in one spot.... does any one know what this is? and should i be alarmed??? I'm still waiting to hear back about my appointment with the new endocronologist thanks
  15. An Update

    Ya there is a pattern actually it flares up in the morning and in the evening and if I talk alot it really hurt my voice changes it goes hoarse it becomes hard to talk and things don't really come out right... The pain is in my neck below my chin... thats why i was wondering if it could be my thyroid.. there is a pressure there all the time.... i don't know if anyone can relate but its kinda like when you cry and you sort of get a feeling like there is a lump in your throat (don't know if anyone knows what i mean)I can actually feel thats its swollen it will be larger on one side once in a while... and it bothers me more when i drink cold or hot drinks.... so i stick to room temp and really small sips. I had no idea there was yeast in vineger I have vineger on salads on a weekly basis..... it doesn't say anything about it on the bottle.... I'm completly lost with this yeast thing:(