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  1. Thanks for your responses I appreciate them. I am planning to go gluten free either way I guess I was just wondering if a positive blood test and a family history was enough for a diagnosis.
  2. HI! Earlier this year my sister was diagnosed with Celiac after she presented with fairly typical symptoms (daily diarrhea, bloating, abdominal pain). After her diagnoses I asked to be tested as well. I just found out today my blood test was positive and my physician told me that given my family history and the blood test she did not think a endoscopy/biopsy was necessary. However she didn't seem too knowledgeable about the condition because she said I would "probably benefit from going on a gluten free diet" whereas my research seems to indicate if you have Celiac, going gluten free is not optional. I do have some atypical symptoms including missed menstruation (previously attributed to PCOS, although I am second guessing that diagnoses), constipation, occasional (but more than normal) abdominal pain (mild-moderate). Bottom line: my parents think I should get the endoscopy like my sister did to confirm. Do you think this is necessary/advisable? thanks!