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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have had several Kidney function tests and the all came back normal. I keep telling my doc about my Foamy urine, and they do urine tests which are always clear. I really dont know what is causing it, but it is not normal. I know I am not dehydrated because I drink lots of water.
  2. I am not sure what Celiac panel they did on me. It just said celiac on my blood test sheet. The doctors dont tell you anything. It is so frustating.
  3. I have been tested four times for Diabetes, and twice for Thyroid problems - everything was ok. My symptoms have been so wide and varied that I think it could be possibly more than one thing. My GI is getting my normal doc to run some more bloods and a stool sample, not sure what will show up, nothing as yet. I had a CT of my Abdomen and pelvis which found a possible mass in my Colon, so I had a Colonoscopy which was clear (It must of been fecal matter that showed up on the CT). Obviously cancer as been a worry, but my symptoms seem too varied for that (I Hope).
  4. I will not give up until I find what is up with me. Reading other peoples stories make me realize I am not on my own.
  5. Does the GERD effect your saliva? Mine is always white and thick (Foamy, Frothy). Also how was the GERD diagnosed?
  6. I have decided even if my biopsy is Negative, I will try a Gluten free diet. I am currently eating plenty of Gluten, so that it may show in my biopsy.
  7. Yeah it makes sense. To be honest I was on vacation for 18 days 2 weeks after my grans funeral, and when I came back had jetlag for a week. Then I quite smoking, and a week later everything started to go wrong!! They also say that smoking sometimes can mask an underlying medical condition. At first I thought the weird symptoms were down to quiting smoking, now I know different.
  8. Thanks for the reply I have been blood tested for Celiac which was negative, however my GI says the bloodtest is not always accurate and want to do a biopsy via endoscopy. Lots of my symptoms have happened intermittently through my life, but suddenly bang everything starts to go wrong. I have always had weird low blood sugar symptoms too.
  9. I ask this because whatever is wrong with me is certainly systematic. From head to toe things have been going wrong. Some examples :- White foamy saliva teeth yellowing, and gums receding Back and shoulder pain. cold hands. Upper stomach pain Strange BM's. Urination off colour, foamy. Easy Bruising. Fatigue. Tight calves, leg pain. Dry Burning feet. Facial/Body hair is not growing as fast as usual. Thinning hair. Sinus and ear problems. Plus many more Can anyone relate?
  10. Patti, The tingling and numbness/strange feelings in my arms and legs was probably the first thing that happened to me (That is when I started to think something was not right). It's funny but my gran dies last year and all my symptoms really kicked in around 2 months later. Could emotional stress or illness be the trigger for Celiac?
  11. Have you been loosing weight? I eat more than enough and loose weight, as you can see off my pic I was quite well built, but now my muscles have gone and I just have a sticking out gut. Has for tests I have just had a Celiac blood test (Not sure what the tested for, and also an Endoscopy with no biopsy). Not sure what other tests you can get, I think it is just blood and biopsy.
  12. I think I have GERD as my saliva is always thick white and foamy, I am taking PPI's but to no avail. My first symptoms were strange sensations in my arms and legs, insomnia, and a constant dull ache in the upper stomach. I then started to feel depressed and just wanted to cry for no reason, I also became very jumpy and did not want to go places alone. the strange bowel movements happened nest, lots of undigested food matter, followed by constipation and then oil slicks/greasy stool. My urine as also been off and my joints crack a lot more, the fatigue also started around the depression time. It is like something as taken over my body.
  13. Did anyone start off with GERD like symptoms and upper stomach pains before being diagnosed with Celiac?
  14. Thanks for the reply. I have already had and Endoscopy, and the report said stomach/small intestine ok. However they found an Hiatus hernia, so I am not sure how much they looked at the rest of me. I know I am having another Scope, and the GI is going to take Biopsies. I really hope I dont have Celiac, however I would be relieved I guess because it will explain all my symptoms.
  15. I was Sedated during my first Endoscopy, although I can remember it it felt like it was over within 2 minutes, although it took much longer. Did they put a catherter in your hand?? And inject some fluid?