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  1. Thank you for the help!!!
  2. Thanks for the welcome and the response. The IgA levels they gave were 87- 474, so I guess I'm really low. If I want to peruse more test I will probably have to see another doctor. Mine just says to go gluten free and see if it makes a difference. She's helpful at times and others: not so much…lol
  3. I've had stomach issues all my life. I also suffer from fatigue, depression and anxiety. I went to the doctor, because I was having issues losing weight and had noticed if I stopped eating bread I would lose again. She did a celiac panel on me and the results were: TTG Ab, IgA 0<7.0. Gliadin DGP Ab IgA 0<7.0. IgA 30. I had been eating bread prior to the test: hard to give up. I don't get the results. How can everything be 0? Doctor told me to go gluten free. She isn't specific, but could I just have a sensitivity?