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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Thank you for all your advice. I think I was having a little breakdown. I will use all your information.
  3. I recently had a positive blood test result and I am awaiting my biopsy results. I have spent the last month cursing my GI doctor for making me wait a month for an endoscopy. He wanted me to have a colonoscopy first then the endoscopy. Part of the problem was that I have never eaten a lot of gluten, maybe three pieces of bread a week or less, so my first blood test came back a weak positive 25 on the Gliadian AB IGA test. Then I had the colonoscopy and another blood test, this time the Gliadian AB IGA test came back a strong positive +41 but the other three tests came back negative. I ate one piece of bread a day. Anyhow, my symptoms have gotten worse everyday, at first it was bloating and a lot of gas, and then constipation interrupted by diarrhea, then diarrhea all day and at night. I have had lower body aches, congestion, dizziness, and lots of hunger, slight vomiting, stomach ach, and fatigue. These symptoms seemed worse when I had lamb or other red meats. Originally I went to my doctor because I was having constipation and sudden diarrhea attacks (running to the bathroom events). It seems to me that I have a gluten intolerance and maybe celiac disease. In any case I pretty much have decided that I am giving up gluten. I have few questions, first I am worried that maybe I may have some other problem and second, I went today to Whole Foods and although I found gluten free foods, I had hard time finding things I liked. I am also lactose intolerant (self diagnosed) and after reading some of the posts I am wondering if I should get a milk allergy test. Another question I have is that I noticed that labeling is not consistent. Since my biopsy I have stopped eating gluten I feel slightly better. Feeling overwhelmed.