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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. IV read you're. Post very interesting.thanks
  2. Hi that's interesting I get very hypo .and same times finding it hard to white or think I seem to now lots one day and then forgetfulness I'm all so have celiac s .so yes I'm with you on this one.i hope many find this interesting.thanks
  3. Gluten Was Causing Schizo Problems

    I was reading your post and I'm really glad of it iv been told IV got mental health problems.witch I never believed I had .and only had signs when I had sickness with Loose stools .then last year gp told me im a celiac. Thay are still treating me for mental health.dose any body think the mental health now or can they be wrong.they are great but I need to know.
  4. Hi I am a celiac and I get depressed with very up set .which is a part of it im now much better when I stick to my diet .so it's worth getting checked out.
  5. IV had stress from loosing a pet which made me very ill and up set that can up set my stomach pains .lots of headache s it really hard to get by IV had Loose stools and now seeing my gp . For help to calm the celiac down which I'm taking tablets before my meals its starting to help .can it all bring on gas s which could be bring on the symptoms of my celiac s .
  6. Hi yes it can do that .im sorry for your lose.i don't know if you now some pizza places can make you a pizza only if you let them now .they don't all way s have sign s telling as which you can eat . tesco s sell them to.which is all gluten free .and all so Asda s.
  7. Thanks I'm very thankful to hear back its very helpful to now .im know to the forum and finding my way round its great .
  8. When I was first told that I couldn't eat gluten it up set me .im so pleased know because if that can cause all that pain no more gluten for me it s not worth it.i want to live not die.so please all you celiac s eat well and good luck you'll make it im not lying it is hard .
  9. I don't understand why gluten free food is so pricey when much of the ingredient s been taken out of it .which has no body to it i find some breads which I like to freeze then ford out will crumble to bets .is there something that I'm doing Wong please.
  10. Hi can any body tell me if celiac s course depression I get drained of energy.very fast sleepy .i just want to share with you all for any body who doesn't know Royston Tesco sells lots of gluten wheat dairy free products all so beers Xmas cakes and mince pies at Xmas. Which can be hard to find chirps there's lots more .and yes sweets for child.
  11. Hi IV got celiac s .keepted to it .worked fine for a while and having a lot of problems this year with stomach pains all so loose stools.with sickness IV now changed my milk to goats the loose stools is going .still a lot of pain stomach I believe it's been like this when I was about 4yrs of age im now 39yrs of age.with alot of health problems which I was never believed in and mostly to this day .iv been on my own.and now they helping me I'll be seeing a nurse Tuesday 4th which I'm hoping can help.