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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Does anyone know of some celiac friendly restraunts in Destin ?? I will be down there for several days and would prefer to not have to cook every night. Does anyone here have any positive (or negative) experiences at any restraunts in that area??? Any help would be appreciated!! (Notice I said Celiac friendly- I have learned that just because a restraunt has a "gluten free menu" does not mean that it is safe!)
  2. Just got my numbers sent to me. The number is 1:40. I am not sure what that means...?
  3. Thanks! I have an appointment tomorrow to have some blood work done. Hopefully I will get some answers
  4. Ok, So I just got an actual lab report sent to me. ANA Reflex says POSITIVE A. ANA Titer says 1:40. ANA pattern says SPECKLED. From the research I have done, (which may or may not be accurate) a titer of 1:40 does not seem extremely positive. But I am not sure why it says POSITIVE A in big bold letters beside ANA Reflex? Everything else says negative, so there must be some reason they determined it as positive. Does anyone know what any of this means? I do have some lupus like symptoms ( chronic body aches, fatigue, headaches) but at this point it is hard to determine whether that is from Celiac healing or whether it is something totally different....?
  5. No I do not know what my ANA number was. It just said positive. Not sure what that means. It says that my ANA pattern is speckled. Not sure what that means either
  6. I found out a few months ago that I have celiac. All of my blood tests were extremely positive. I also had a positive Anti Nuclear Antibody (ANA) test. Could anyone possibly know what this means? Could that test be positive because of Celiac? Or would it mean that I could possibly have a totally different autoimmune disease? My doctor isn't much help. She mentioned that I should annually get tested for lupus (she mentioned it twice) so I am wondering if the positive ANA test is why she said that...? When I called back to have a nurse further explain the test results to me I did not get any help Any idea on what a positive ANA might mean? Could it just be elevated just because of Celiac? Or does that test have nothing to do with Celiac? Could I possibly have a totally different autoimmune disease?
  7. I was dx with celiac 6 weeks ago, and I have my first family fathering since diagnoses tonite and am super scared...So far, no one has really taken my dx seriously. (this is not the same side of the fam that I inherited the celiac gene from, so I am the only one on this side who has it) I am worried that they are just going to think that I am paranoid when I don't eat. "No, sorry, I cant eat that becasue you just picked up a bun and then touched everything" ..uggh...I can just see their faces now I am so nervous, and I really dont know what to do. They are just going to think I am crazy. My uncle donest deny my celiac disease, but he thinks the whole cc thing is ridiculous. He thinks I just do it for attention. I cant wait to see his face tonite when I am the only one who doesnt have a plate of food. uggh Do yall have any suggestions for coping with this? And should I steer clear of everything for fear of cc. I worry about eating what other ppl have made, bc if they made it at their house there is a very good chance for cc. They will probably get offended..but oh well. What would yall do? And also, one more question: They are ordering bbq from a local mom and pop type restraunt. I know to deffinately steer clear of the bbq sauce, but what about the meat? Do you think it would be safe if I brought my own gluten free bbq sauce and just ate the dry pulled pork with MY sauce? Or should I stay away from that too??? Help Pleaseeeeee!!!
  8. It does sound like you have symptoms of celiac. I would get tested. A blood test can change your life. But it is really up to you. Many people on here are unofficially diagnosed and do extremely well with a gluten free diet. However, just KNOWING is kind of nice, and would probably make it much easier to stick to the strict diet in the long run. If you do get tested though, be sure that you are eating plenty of gluten until the test, otherwise you get get a false negative. I hope you get to feeling better soon!
  9. My brother has a milk allergy. He can use the same cookware as others, as long as it has been washed. And he is pretty darn sensitive. He has had severe emergency reactions before. He cant touch milk or smell anything with milk in it. But the cookware thing is no issue for him. However, I am no expert-Im just saying what I know from his experience. I would deffinately ask a dr to be sure
  10. I didn't get the endo and biopsy. My blood test results were enough for me. Sometime I wonder exactly how much damage there is in there..but I do not wonder enough to get the endo done lol It is up to you. Chances are, if their blood test results were positive, they have celiac. ESPECIALLY since you have a family history
  11. Oh, and one mroe thing I forgot to mention....Whenever I start feeling faint and lightheaded, I start shaking all over.... This isnt an everyday thing. It probably happens 50 percent of the time. Yesterday, for example, I was fine. The day before...not so much But there is a pattern...the days where I am extremely thirsty and going to the bathroom all the time are only the days where I have the light headed, shaking episodes Some days I have nothing
  12. That is horrible! I am so sorry about your bad experience! Rest well and get better