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  1. Grieving

    Here's my real giggle. ( mean really). My inlaws were absolutely not empathetic to my gluten-free diet. At xmas I offered many times to make the stuffing, but no way. At thanksgiving etc I would cook a cornish hen or similar and take it with me. Recently my father in law was diagnosed with celiac disease. Now they're all over me for info, recipes etc. I know this is mean spirited, but I give them a little help and figure he can join a Celiac Assc etc and find out himself how it all workds. My litttle victory!....tagger
  2. PS from Tagger, I just dug out the B Vit I was trying. One was a B Complex and one was Vit B6. They both specify gluten-free and yeast free so there goes that theory.
  3. Hi Mariann and Sarah, The last Vit B I tried specified gluten-free, but I'm pretty sure it was synthetic. The allergy to yeast theory might be correct as I was told years ago that I was allergic to mould. On the other hand back in my twenties (a non gluten-free time) I used a product called "Kefir's Brewer's Yeast". It was in powder form and stirred it into my orange juice every moring. At that time it made me feel great! Who know's though what changes have happened in my body since then. At any rate I can't find it anymore. Thanks for the responses. I would be interested to know the outcome of your "Vit B experiment". Over the last few years I've never been able to stay on it long enough for it to affect my skin. (by the third day I was climbing the walls!) Thanks for the responses. Tagger
  4. PS To Shar 4, I have gained 30 lbs in only one year! It's terrifying! None of my clothes fit. I feel very uncomfortable most of the time. I don't know whether it's the gluten-free diet, menopause, or some meds I'm taking. (not to mention Sciatica. It's hard to even walk the dog when you are in so much pain). I was never a really skinny person, just average and on the short side so the weight gain is really staring to worry me. I don't think I look really different, but I find it so uncomfortable. Soon I will pull myself together and start swimming again, which is my preferred exercise. Tagger
  5. Hi Sarah, How about: Chatting on the big white telephone or trying on the white porcelain football helmet? I remember those from my university days. Recovery back then was taken for granted. At one friend's house, in the morning, lined up on the kitchen counter, would be 2 aspirins and a glass of orange juice for each guest! Aah, things were so simple then! The list justies my instinct that my mother also suffers from celiac disease. Among other things the symptom that stands out is sjorgens syndrome from which she now suffers. Tagger PS I haven't heard from anyone who has trouble taking Vit B (the jitters, irritability etc) No takers? Also has no one experienced irritability and/or mood swings after ingesteing gluten?
  6. Thanks to all of you for your replies. I have indeed tried B complexes before and had the same reaction. My reaction to Vit B is a real "manic" attack. I have also not had too much luck with magnesium. (took it with a calcium supplement), but the reaction was gastro. Thanks Judy. I did go to the "grieving" thread and even felt moved to add my own response! My reaction Is not the same as the poster's but the possibility of an allergic reaction is something to explore. In my 20's (I'm now 47yrs) in between my childhood Celiac (which I was was supposed to have grown out of) and my celiac episode 2 years ago I used a product called Kefir's Yeast. It was in powder form and I had it in my orange juice every a.m. I really felt great while I was using it. I can't find it now and I don't even know if it was gluten-free but I will explore that area too. I've just discovered that I'm covered for Naturopath visits and I plan to try to find a good one. Maybe he/she can figure out what's going on here! Thanks again everyone....Tagger
  7. Grieving

    There are times I get feeling really sorry for myself when I'm grocery shopping, but it doesn't affect my gluten-free diet because I NEVER want to be SO SICK again! I'm normally not a very strong willed person (ie tried and failed to quit smoking infinite number of times) but I was curled up fetal position for 2 months in my bed. Life flew by me and when I finally "caught on" and went gluten-free it was such a miraculous and speedy recovery. What had happened though was that I had missed so many events (my nephews wedding, friend's get togethers etc) that I fell out of touch with a lot of people and haven't really got back to where I was. I'm getting better at reading ingredients and my family is so busy that we rarely all sit down together for a meal anyway so it's not too much "in my face". One thing I find myself thinking a lot is..."If only I'd had that last piece of Pecan Pie BEFORE I went gluten-free. If only I'd had that last strawberry shortcake BEFORE I went gluten-free. It's hard at the cottage because my mother bakes and her pastries are out of this world! She really tries to do some gluten-free stuff for me but of course it isn't quite the same is it? So I think we all feel a little sorry for ourselves sometimes as we walk down the aisles and try not to notice all the yummy things we can't have, but the idea of the problems that would arise if we were to "err" keeps us on track. I know the comment about cancer seemed mean, but when I think of all the things that could be worse, diabetes, yes...cancer, so many other diseases that can't be simply controlled with diet I guess passing on the gravy isn't so bad after all.....Tagger
  8. I'm not sure, maybe someone can tell me. I used to love going for Dim Sum. I seem to remember that the "wraps" (for lack of a better word!) are made from rice. Does anyone know? That would be fantastic if only we could take our "transportable" soy sauce we'd be all set! One thing I really miss is Lo Mein! I used to travel to Hong Kong and China a lot on business. No fun reading ingredients there. Fortunately that was before I went gluten-free. I haven't travelled much since I've been gluten-free. If I do I'll have to go to the travel board! Tagger
  9. I know that I should be taking vitamin B12. Whenever I try to take vitamin B in any form by the third day I become irritable, "antsy" and generally in a bad mood. Does anyone else have this problem? I make sure the vitamins are gluten-free so it's not that thats causing the mood swings. I tried again this week and sure enough by last night I was almost manic! I can't figure out why a simple vitamin should cause these wierd side effects. Any help would be appreciated! Tagger
  10. Alberta

    Hi Troushka, My story is somewhat like yours. I was a childhood Celiac and at that time it was assumed children "outgrew" it. Two summers ago I was extremely sick. They were testing for hepatitis, salmonella etc. The Celiac thing was such a non issue with me that I had never even mentioned it to my doctor. When they started talking about more colonoscopys etc I decided to do a little research on the web. Typed in "gastro" and eventually went to a celiac site. There were all my symptom all laid out. I went gluten free immediately and was recovered in only a couple of days. Both of my brothers were also celiacs. They refuse to admit it though. I worry especially about my eldest brother as he shows all the symptoms but won't face up to facts. (his wife loves baking and he loves her baking!) I actually think my Mom is also an undiagnosed celiac but she won't go there either. I really worry about my 8 year old. The only symptom I've noticed so far is that he frequently gets mouth sores. Hopefully he isn't celiac because he's an awfully picky eater and of course loves pizza, hamburgers etc. He's just starting to get a little brave and try some new foods. It would be a nightmare if he were celiac! For some time now I've been making myself separate meals when cooking for the family (depending what I'm cooking, ie spaghetti). I've now decided that if I am doing the cooking I will cook gluten-free and they can eat it too. Tonight for example I'm making stew and will dredge the meat in gluten-free flour. In some cases though gluten-free can be a lot moe expensive and in that case I'll use my own gluten-free stuff. It's hard enough to stay gluten-free and I can imagine that keeping you daughter gluten-free must be hard. I'm in Ontario. We have 2 restaurants here that can provide gluten-free. Mexicali Rosa's is a sure thing because the owners wife is a celiac. There is also an Italian restaurant called Il Fornellos which I haven't tried yet. Worse than restaurants I find eating at friend's homes can be pretty scary. Though they are aware that I am celiac an some will serve accordingly they really don't know about hidden gluten and cross contamination. I often just take my own little something along as I hate making a big deal of it. Take Care, Tagger
  11. Hi Royal Blue, Thanks for the heads up! Tagger
  12. I haven't used soy sauce in years on my gluten-free diet, but I had heard that there was one out there that is gluten free. Well I've finally found it. VH products are ALL gluten free. I am in Canada so I don't know if it is available in the US. When I called the manufacturer he was well informed and quite aware of Celiac Disease and gluten-free diets. I can now cook with soy sauce which opens up a new realm of gluten-free recipes that I couldn't use before. Thank you VH!...Tagger
  13. Joint Pain

    Wow, I didn't know anything about nightshade v egetables. I'm so glad I founf this site! On the other hand, geez, my diet seems to be getting more and more restricted!...Tagger
  14. I fell like I'm always fatigued. I have trouble with takinf Vit B because it gives me the "jitters". Does anyone elde experience this? Also, which Vit B am I suppoed to take B6 or B12?...Thanks..Tagger
  15. Thanks for all the input. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one. I do suffer from migraines and wonder if they are gluten related. Also have been chronically depressed on and off over the years. I was a childhood celiac but back then they thought you grew out of it. It wasn't until I became REALLY sick 2 yrs ago that I clued in to the Celiac thing. Both of my brothers were also childhood celiacs but won;t admit it. My mother also I think. My maternal grandfather died of colon cancer. I'm the only one who is on a gluten free diet (I try anyway). I worry about all these family members who won't face up to facts. Mom also has had problems with depression etc (and of course the usual gastro). Another question. I seem to have trouble taking vit B. I get very jittery, like I've been drinking heavy duty caffeine. Are there any other ways to ingest B6 that won't cause these side effects? Does anyone else have problems taking vit B? Thanks Tagger