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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I do have to say this for what it's worth!! I was at a convention this past weekend and got a cup of regular coffee and a small amount of cream. I was drinking out of one of those paper cups (not sure of the manufacturer) but I got very sick for two days. I packed my own lunch, all gluten-free....the only thing I could think of was the coffee - which would be strange - OR THE CUP. So I don't know.... but for what it's worth. And who knows where they bought it from - it was a cheap paper cup. Also - I saw that someone posted decaf coffee can have gluten in it through processing or something. I know they never responded but I have to say that about a month or so ago, I went to Dunkin Donuts (always drink their coffee and love it) and ordered a regular iced coffee with cream. Well I got it and it tasted really weird to me. Also didn't give me my "pickup" and it upset my stomach right away. I figured out they gave me decaf by mistake and it did infact make me sick. I thought that was weird - wasn't sure why decaf would make me sick but it did.
  2. Hi - I recognize that this is an older thread but saw your post about the cup. I was at a convention this past weekend and got a cup of coffee with cream in one of those paper cups. Oh my goodness - I got VERY sick. Immediately. For awhile I thought there must have been something in the coffee or the machine wasn't washed properly....but that would be so very far fetched. Anyway - after I stumbled across your post here, I think it probably was the cup! I never thought of that. Will have to do some research on that.
  3. Natural Flavoring I guess? Not sure! I wouldn't think that it does however...when I google the lemon soda it's labeled everywhere that it's gluten free. But can't find it for the blood orange at all. In fact I am finding a lot of "controversial ingredients" and things like that. Also saw somewhere on this site that they got sick after drinking the orange. That is what prompted me to start the topic and ask! Just being cautious I don't know - maybe the orange is a fairly new flavor and just hasn't been out long.
  4. Hi - can anyone tell me if Sanpellegrino, Blood Orange soda is gluten free?? I can't find any info on it at all. But the Lemon, I believe is gluten free ? Any help much appreciated - thank you!!! Sarah
  5. Yes - I rinse everything VERY well. I wash it for a long time. I also had brown rice with it - do you think that could be it?
  6. Hi All - When I first had to go gluten-free almost two months ago - vegetables didn't bother me. I love to eat salads. However since I've been gluten free, raw or cooked vegetables and especially bagged lettuce is bothering me a lot. I know the lettuce is sprayed with a preservative that has corn in it and I did find out that I have a corn aversion. But.....do they spray the same stuff on fruits/veggies???? Just the ones in the produce section at the grocery store - not the bagged ones. Because what is weird is all of a sudden, the past couple of weeks, veggies are now bothering me a lot. I bloat immediately and have the heavy feeling in my stomach and all of that. It's not like eating gluten but similar. Pretty much the same as what happens when I ingest corn. So - what is going on? Why am I all of a sudden having trouble with the veggies. Does this mean that I have to buy ALL ORGANIC EVERYTHING??? I want to know, if anyone can help, why this is happening and what are they sprayed with. ?? Also - I'm not sure but am I becoming more sensitive to things...the longer gluten is out of my system?? I'm confused - please help!!!! I had asparagus for dinner tonight, it wasn't organic, and I bloated right away, and the heaviness..... ?? Thanks All SBlack
  7. Thank you so much!!! Are there any other foods you have to stay away from? I read somewhere that potatoes and mushrooms might cause problems for some people - I'm afraid to try because I got so sick from the corn. What about beans? Can you eat anything that has HFCS in it or other corn products? It truly is in everything!!! Thank you!! SBlack
  8. Hi All - looking for some advice here! I am one who has an aversion to corn. Only been gluten-free for a little over a month now and I can't have anything with corn in it. Here are my questions: 1. Can someone tell me why some of us cannot tolerate corn?? 2. How far do I take this? Do I have to stay away from modified corn starch or food starch? What about HFCS (high fructose corn syrup), corn syrup?? 3. What other foods should I be cautious of, being that I've only been gluten free for a month. Should I stay away from potatoes, mushrooms?? - should I stay away from beans?? The whole corn thing threw me off and I don't know how far to take that and also what other foods I should really watch out for. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! SBlack
  9. Hi all - I'm looking to see if anyone can recommend a good doctor to help me with the celiacs and follow my "progress"? Near Harrisburg, PA - thank you!!!! SBlack
  10. NO problem!!!! thank you for all your help. I am NOT even going to bother buying the packaged lettuce OR cabbage. Been bitten too many times, and man do I get sick. I did buy some fresh non-packaged lettuce the other day, washed it myself and oh my goodness - best salad EVER!!
  11. ok everyone - thank you for your responses regarding the bagged lettuce. I see here about the corn/citris wash - what's funny is that I am one who cannot tolerate corn - I got very sick eating it a few weeks ago. I want to make coleslaw for dinner and bought a bag of Dole classic coleslaw - it says preservative free and all natural. Has anyone had trouble with the coleslaw before? I bought it before I ate the bagged lettuce on Friday or else I would have just bought a head of cabbage...suggestions?? THANK YOU!!!!! SBlack
  12. I have a question regarding this topic. Last night I made a salad with bagged lettuce - and got pretty sick. Pain in my stomach, reflux, very nauseas - for most of the night. I used Italian Wish-bone dressing, which says right on it that it's gluten free. Would it be the lettuce? I have used the bagged lettuce before and have felt a little sick after I ate it but last night I opened a new bag. Anyone else have this problem?? Thank you! SBlack
  13. Foul Gas

    Hi not sure if this thread is still going since it's been awhile since the last post. I am new to this and have only eaten gluten-free for a few weeks. But I have to tell you that one of my worst symptoms was the horrible gas I had prior to going gluten free. I mean - it was so bad that I HADDDDD to go to a doctor about it. The smell was completely unbearable and it was making me sick to my stomach. My husband was getting to the point that he really couldn't stand it. Anyway - I've been gluten-free for almost a month now and I have to say that was the very first symptom that literally disappeared right away. I haven't had anything like that since - not even close. No bloating and all the other stomach stuff too - but sure enough....the gluten was causing my bad gas problem. Thank goodness that is over - I couldn't stand being around myself when that was happening!!
  14. Thank you everyone - so extremely helpful!!