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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks a lot both. I think it is now clear to me, that I have been deflecting on to food when I should be concentrating on work ... !!! I guess I am just confused as to whether I ought to avoid gluten or not, just while I have important work to get through in the next 2 weeks. Also, I was confused as to why after I ate so much (and so much sugar as well!), I was exhausted rather than energised, and now I have shockingly overslept. Yes, when I say regurgitate, I mean bringing up undigested food unintentionally. I do mean on its own, but when that happens, sometimes I am triggered to then purposefully eat and throw up 'properly' because I cannot stop regurgitating anyway. It is I like I do not digest the food, because e.g. now I still bring up the 'taste' of what I ate yesterday (the sandwich, which I had a feeling would not go down well)?! Which is disgusting. I cannot tell at all what I am doing, and whether or not there is any reason for me to avoid gluten. I think I must stop throwing up and, focus less on food and perhaps not eat gluten just so I don't make myself paranoid that mental states are caused by food. I will just get myself into an eating pattern again so I can focus on other things. Thanks a lot both. I know if I had read this post I would have been like '...WTF', so I'm a bit ashamed to have written it. Bah. Thanks!
  2. Hello. I was wondering whether someone might advise. I have very important work coming up in the next week. I have been eating gluten free. I have digestive problems - severe IBS runs in my family, and grandmother had to start eating a gluten-free diet to manage it BUT when she was in her EIGHTIES. I started to eat gluten free because I read that it might help with IBS. I often regurgitated food involuntarily and also experienced constipation. It is difficult to tell whether I felt any better because I started to restrict calories at the same time. I was eating 500 calories a day. However my digestive system was much better, but probably because I was eating less and only certain soft foods? I was still eating regular oats and as far as I can tell, had no problem with them (but I only ate 20g a day?). I increased to 1200 calories. I eat 1500 calories a day now (I'm very short). The problem I'm having is that I have problems with eating. I used to make myself throw up a lot. I didn't do what others would describe as a 'binge' (hence couldn't be diagnosed with bulimia), but I ate things and threw them up - biscuits etc. I am basically posting this because I had to go on antidepressants again and it increases your appetite. Something bad happened last week and I ended up throwing up. I think because I started regurgitating food and then it triggered me to eat and throw up because I couldn't stop regurgitating the food. Basically, what this means is that I've started eating gluten again. I now have no idea what to do. I have no idea whether it is better for me to not eat gluten or whether it is all in my head. I haven't been able to stop eating and throwing up - I always do it on gluten-containing products. This is usually biscuits just b/c, I basically just choose whatever is cheap and that I have bought before. I have been doing this every day. It is ridiculous given I eat gluten-free (even oats) the rest of the day. I did it again today, and because I then began to think that perhaps the gluten-free thing is all in my head and because I was too tired to continue throwing it up for some reason, I then ate many other gluten products - a sandwich and a KitKat and a packet of Maltesers (I think this was a binge, but it is not a binge because I knew what I was doing and was deliberately eating things I hadn't been allowing myself to eat? At the same time, I have no idea why?). I know this sounds so idiotic, but I basically have no idea what to do as I am worried about eating gluten, because after this I feel unable to concentrate. I mean, what I mean is - is this just all in my head. Because, what I mean is that I feel I cannot care at all about anything and cannot concentrate. I am not that bothered about overeating (I have probably overeaten by about 2500ish calories today?) I have eating problems, but am not generally concerned with gaining or losing weight. I am just wondering what to do. I have no idea whether I am sensitive to gluten or not. I stopped eating gluten because I thought it would help with digestive problems. I am wondering how I am supposed to know whether or not to eat gluten, on the basis that it might be all on my head. On the one hand, I am thinking, 'OK jsut eat gluten. You functioned on Weetabix for breakfast before'. I then wonder whether I avoid gluten-containing products for no reason at all. I do not like eating bread at all. On the other hand, I think, 'You have important work next week. Don't eat gluten because it might mess you up', but then what if it's all in my head and I keep then eating / throwing up gluten-containing products?! I understand that this post is bloody ridiculous. I know I could go to a Doctor, but I don't feel I would get the results back in time? Does this post make it sound like not eating gluten is just all in my head? Because I don't know what to do about this but I have had a hard time doing things since I started eating gluten again. But I don't know why that is and then again, it might just all be in my head.