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  1. Hello, I have been struggling with IBS for 3 years now. I have talked to doctors about it, but they look at me crazy and tell me to reduce my dairy intake. Now, I'm trying to find out what is causing the IBS myself; I have decided to take a food allergy IgG test. I used to eat a lot of wheat products: Whole wheat toast for breakfast; then a turkey sandwich for lunch; and a wheat roll with dinner. I ate a lot of pasta. For the past few months my diet has been gluten light. I gave up coffee, soy, dairy, and wheat for 7 days last week and felt so much better; but I would like to know specifically what foods I'm sensitive to before eliminating multiple food groups. I have never been gluten or wheat free (longer than 7 days), so is it necessary that I do a gluten challenge for 3 months? How long should I eat gluten heavy before getting an IgG test?