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  1. I have read that coffee contains a protein mimics gliadin... that our bodies interpret as gluten- therefore it can trgger the same symptoms. Since going off coffee (even decaf) I feel much better. Good luck to you....
  2. It usually takes me two to three days to recover and be functional after a contamination. Drink LOTS of water. I drank 4L in a six hour period. I also took tylenol to cope with a raging headache. Heating pad, castor oil packs. I had some gluten-free chicken broth but that was about all I could eat. It felt like someone took a cheese grater or razor blade to my guts. L-glutamine is a supplement you can take to help with healing the gut. I've been taking it awhile now. Good luck!
  3. Whoops- and yes, the antibodies have returned to within normal ranges
  4. Thank you for your reply. Thyroid screen appears normal. Ferritin was at 29 in December- am taking an iron supplement as well. My skin arms, legs and scalp are often itchy but I don't have any sores or DH that I can see.
  5. Despite eliminating gluten, dairy and legumes I have been coping with fatigue and mood issues. I am working with my family doctor but recently began seeing a naturpathic doctor who has placed me on IV nutrient therapy and a further 3 week hypoallergenic diet to search for other food intolerances. 1) has anyone tried IV nutrient therapy (Myers cocktail) and was it successful? 2) how often do people get sick throughout the year? Do I have to become ocd and turn into a major pita to avoid cross contamination 3) any ideas on how to treat CC muscle pain\neuropathy when CC happen? Missing 2 days of work each time is causing problems with my employer. I thought I was doing well this year Allergic rhinitis and chronic sinus 2010 (no longer an issue since gluten-free and DF) celiac disease & lactose intolerance- 2011 No legumes- 2013 *Supplementing daily with D,C,zinc, complex B, calcium citrate, L-glutamine powder, and will be adding flax oil, hmf powder probiotic, phytosine, and have weekly IV therapy for another 4 weeks