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  1. I was worried about cross contaminationon conveyors. And possibly air born because of what others said about bakeries. That is all. Done.
  2. I don't know all i know is i saw numerous people say before they wouldn't ever work on a farm even if not directly handling the hay *shrug* So I figured it's about breathing stuff in. As for what hubby saw....doesn't look like any of the above. So i think it's wheat. I personally wasn't there. And daisy..for someone with so few posts you sure seem to know my posts pretty well. As for bakeries there are numerous people who've said they got sick after being in a bakery. That's the only reason the thought went through my head about airborne gluten. I was just curious if anyone else had seen this I wasn't looking for a fight. I'm done with this thread.
  3. Naw not either of those grasses unfortunately. Oh well. Laundry night
  4. Timothy or alfalfa? Vaguely remember hearing about those names before I'll look them up and see what they look like. Might be that. Which reminds me..still have to call a local farm and see what they use for hay...i miss hay rides note: it was in the store all over the floor. Not sure why.
  5. Yes I know the shoelaces aren't but it raises the question of if people put these things on the conveyors...Personally i wouldn't walk into a non gluten free bakery. When people throw stuff around like that i don't know what's in the air. I guess I'm just surprised they would have open wheat around like that considering all the people with actual allergies to it out there.
  6. He sent me a picture and this is what it shows http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b4/Wheat_close-up.JPG
  7. Seems new around here. There is the actual top part of the grain there....the part where the wheat comes from it's not just the stalks. His shoe laces came undone while stepping over some that were spilt on the floor he's pretty annoyed. He's going to wash his sneakers now but it was definitely the actual top where the grains are.
  8. My husband just texted me from walmart informing me that the local garden center now has bales of hay? I don't recall ever seeing this other years. Does this make anyone else a little uncomfortable considering it opens the flood gates for cross contamination of ...pretty much anything in the store now? I knew farms could be a concern i didn't realize going to the garden center would be now =\
  9. Thanks everyone I will double check with them tomorrow Sounds like they should be ok though. My hubby especially will be thankful if he can have them from time to time bartfull..nope..worried about salicylates but can eat from the high category multiple times a day. I haven't tried corn products in about a year now
  10. Going to call Ruffles tomorrow but my father-in-law is eating plain Ruffles potato chips and he showed me that they say gluten free. I was wondering if anyone has had them since they were deemed to be gluten free and tolerate them just fine? Would be nice to have something I use to eat from time to time.
  11. Thanks Adalaide I will check next time we're at the grocery store and see if they have that brand. I don't think they do though.
  12. Yeah it's all really strange isn't it? As for it being different mosquitoes it didn't seem to matter where I was..if I got bit i got crazy large itchy patches. There were pictures taken last summer and it wasn't closeup and you could see the blotches all over my legs from the bites. Just horrible! Sounds like we've all had some experience with this. Very interesting. I was going CRAZY with the afterbite last summer. Didn't need it this year really.
  13. Last summer after I first went gluten free...and before I went gluten free..if I was bitten by mosquitoes i would itch like crazy and the bites would swell up pretty big. Fast forward to this summer now and I've been bitten quite a few times and now they only show up small and itchy instead. Has anyone found after being gluten free for some time that this has changed for them too? I know it could be unrelated but I thought I'd ask because it seemed interesting.
  14. Sweet! Thanks Karen! I never thought that would be on amazon if their website didn't do it lol
  15. Never mind..you can't...I tried finding anything at a local store and can't find anything. Still have to give them a call. Seems they only sell on the west coast?