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  1. Thanks again. I've got an appt with my OBGYN. And, it wouldn't hurt me to pay attention to CC - anything to stop the bleeding!
  2. Thanks so much! Yep - I'm 42...sounds like it could be perimenopause. Hmmm...that's not really something I can control, but at least there's an end in sight. It feels better to kind of understand what's going on. No soy sauce. Although I did sneak a piece of hershey bar last week.
  3. Howdy - Does anyone else (gals, of course) have this? I *think* when I get exposed to gluten, then my period starts within a day, or my bleeding gets much heavier and my period is prolonged. Am I imagining things? I was diagnosed gluten intolerant in 7/07. Have been eating gluten-free since then. I'm caseinand lactose intolerant, have been on and off dairy since '92. Six weeks ago I got much stricter about sticking with DF. I'm pretty good about gluten-free- never cheat - but have not been careful with cross contamination. I've had these crazy long periods (14 days? 21 days? a month?) for 9 months. Three months ago I switched oral contraceptives - less spotting, but my last three periods have lasted 10 days. Could it be that I've become far more gluten intolerant in the past year? Help!