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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Well had it done and all went well - as in, I don't remember anything. I did make sure that my doctor was going to take biopsies. Then I was put to sleep. The nurse who checked me out said he took biopsies in the duodenum. So hope that means he was in the right place. If those come back negative I don't know what I'm going to do. The doctor said everything looked normal (mind you, I DO realize that doesn't mean the biopsies could find something). My plan now is to start going gluten free I guess.
  2. So, just posting to get some things off my mind. I'm so worried that tomorrow's tests will find nothing and I'll end up diagnosed with IBS. All of my blood tests came back negative, so I don't have much hope. Not to mention it's a little unnerving to have both done for the first time...and my doctor never said anything about doing biopsies or continuing to look for celiac. (For all I know, he could be like many doctors and not even be looking for it since the blood tests were negative.) Oy. Too much to think about for having to check in at 7 a.m. :|
  3. I called in and asked to switch to a gastro dr that I can communicate with a little better - though they almost didn't let me switch...which I found kind of disturbing in a way. I want to push for more tests but I'll probably get poo poo'd. It was the same thing with my thyroid...I urged my dr to test me and she said "normal" turns out I was borderline and when I'm borderline I'm very symptomatic. She also said there was no chance I had hormonal problems-went through two drs here before they figured it out. Just called my thyroid doctor today in fact and asked about t3 supplement because my tests pretty clearly show a problem – my doctor doesn't "believe" in t3. Going in tomorrow to speak with her. But it's basically the same scenario. I have also been eating pretty high gluten (but I do have a lap band so heavy for me is maybe equivalent of a slice or two of bread, tops.) Is being tested while gluten-free the only real reason for the false negatives?
  4. I know there's always gluten sensitive. I guess maybe that's all I am but I just got the results of my blood test: Component Results Component Standard Range Your Value Deamid. Gliadin AB, IgA <10.0 Deamid. Gliadin AB, IgG <10.0 They didn't put a standard range but my values are low I guess anyway. Does it seem weird that these were my only two tests that got ordered? Do I get a second opinion?
  5. Ok, well I'm new to all this. I've been looking in to Celiac due to a whole range of symptoms: Chronic constipation [i've gone more than 21 days without going-had problems for at least 14 years] Vomiting [As a kid I had a 'nervous stomach' and threw up a lot randomly but never had a fever or ongoing sickness. Still do it now sometimes.] Hypothyroidism [i asked my endo about testing for my antibodies but she said she was pretty sure they'd come back positive anyway so I pretty much have Hashimoto's – not as concrete as I'd like but...] Horrible gas and bloating [i've been keeping an eye on symptoms and food and last night my stomach went from 24.5 inches to 29 inches. Very uncomfortable. I also happen to burp and they are bad. It's embarrassing and nothing helps much.] Vitamin D deficiency and borderline calcium [This was awhile back but I've been bad about taking vitamins...and I take a lot.] Diaherra [i don't think I have a motility issue but I did have a ten day period about 3 months ago. It was bad and nothing would stop it.] horrible fatigue, tons of cavities, nausea, vomiting-occasionally undigested food, back pain, acid reflux, PCOS, anxiety, depression, brain fog, panic attacks, dry skin and nails that crack and bleed, super pale skin, always cold, dizziness/car sickness/vertigo So, now that you know all my symptoms, and if you're still reading...I finally went to the gastro for the first time today. I think there was some miscommunication by language barriers but he did have me do a blood test. I think it was the full celiac work up...maybe? He's also having me do an endoscopy, a colonoscopy, an xray this Thursday, and he said something about doing a marker test. Before all of this though he gave me a sheet and told me to follow a low-fiber diet. But it looks almost completely gluten free. If the blood test comes back negative like it does a lot....by the time I do the endoscopy there could be nothing there to see. Not even sure if he'd still be looking for Celiac if the blood test was negative. Thanks for reading this book. I guess my question is: "According to my symptoms, does this sound like celiac? Furthermore, how much did you have to fight for a diagnosis?"