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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I can relate to Nikki2777 After having no weight issues for years, I came across some yummy gluten-free and egg free muffins about a month ago and have been over indulging. I have out on 2kg and now doing a 3 day juice fast and getting back into daily exercise to get that weight off. My butt expanded and my jeans were getting tight.
  2. I made a fresh juice of beetroot, apple and ginger. I often have homemade soup or Dahl for lunch. Sometimes just some fresh fruit will keep me going.
  3. I can relate and find it very hard to deal with. It upsets me when people are so rude and belittling. I have one friend who does the passive aggressive 'you miss out on so much' said with a subtext of 'its all in your head and you are making this up'. If I try to talk to her about it all she just changes the subject or pretends not to hear. I have tried to stick with it and not let it affect me but after reading this thread I realise that I am quite upset about it and will not eat with her anymore. Yes, I have experienced the eye roll, the doubtful looks and some direct challenges. I find that most of my friends now are either gluten-free or have their own food intolerances or other health issues. Those who have experienced the pain of being different are a lot more compassionate than those who have not.