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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. we have actually been doing 6 month of gluten-free then blood work...she has only been on gluten for 3 months now because im assuming they want to do more testing tomorrow when we go it...I also have a huge note book with about 2 yrs worth of food notes/symtoms notes ect..its been a LONG hard road to get a diagnoses...this is the only pediatric GI dr within 5 hrs of us
  2. Our 2 year old has been dealing with this forever..quickly ill give you a run down..stopped gaining weight at 6m at 9m ttg igg blood work pos. at 18. endoscopy neg. Did a gluten challenge at 1.5yrs blood work ttg igg pos at over 150..endoscopy neg. GI doctor said she can eat gluten and follow up in a year...her follow up apt is tomorrow...EVERYDAY she says her tummy hurts its always about 30min-hour after eating..and every night she says her feet hurt or her legs hurt. Is the feet and leg pain a new symptom? Does it have anything to do with this??
  3. Thank you!!! I thought her IGA was in normal range but her TT AB IGG was the high one? Her Gi dr says that alone isn't enough to rule celiacs exp with 2 neg biopsys
  4. Here are Emmas lab results..shes had 2 endoscopys both negative..shes been eating gluten with no reaction..her GI doesn't think its celiacs since 2 biospsy have been normal. They ordered an ultrasound this Tuesday to look for tumors ;/ Platetes 502 (140-350) neutrophils relative 11 (13-33) lymphocytes relative 86 (46-76) lymphocytes absolute 8600 (2185-6028) AST 54 (14-36) alkaline phosphates 179 (230-300) TSH 4.90 (0.34-3.00) TT AB IgG >100 TT AB IgA 2.5 I I know a lot of you have been through the ringer and back with medical tests so in light shined on these results would be helpful!!!! TIA
  5. My Daughters second biopsy was negative! My self and her peditrictian don't understand how shes getting such high igg blood levels but neg biopsy :/ her GI doctor told us yesterday she has no evidence of celiacs and she can eat gluten! That she needed to be tested for other automimmune disorders?!? Her pedi said he would do some research and figre out the next step...whatever that means! Gah so aggravating I don't know what to think or do! Her igg was greater then 100...anyone have any ideas whats in store as far as more testing
  6. I knew what you ment dang auto correct lol Yes shes a bit grumpy but considering shes doing pretty well! No weird poop yet today so hopefully it was just from the medication to sedate or something. Yes I don't plan on stopping nursing anytime soon exp in a kiddo with digestive issues...its easy for her to digest
  7. That's kind of what I was thinking also..not normal for her but I don't remember it doing this the first time so wanted to ask here if it was something that was super alarming!
  8. Sorry this is tmi...21 month old had her second biopsy yesterday...she didn't eat much after yesterday only nursed. Today she has had a few bright lime green loose stools?? Normal? Not? I called the Dr no call back yet!
  9. Thank you! I got her blood work today her tiss. transflutam ab, igg was >100 and her tissue transglutaminase iga ab was 2.5 and her TSH was 4.90 but that was ll they tested for
  10. Thank you..im not sure exactly which the ran im hoping to go get the results today so I will post that info too....all they said over the phone was everything was super high positive, and another biopsy wasi n order, and if it was neg they would run more tests...so im just afraid if it is neg what else would they do? what do they test for with results like that other then celiac
  11. My 21 month old goes in Tuesday for her second biopsy..first was neg..went on gluten challenge blood workd showed igg at over 100 and iga at 86...im nervous this biopsy would be neg too. Dr said if it was further testing would be in order..but what would they test for? what causes the elevation other then celiacs?
  12. id def make sure he is eating gluten and retest..even in celiacs numbers can vary with time. Emma at 12m had an igg of 16 (anything over 4 pos) and a neg biopsy went gluten-free did great. Dr wanted to challenge so went on gluten for 8 weeks her test just came back igg is over 150 waiting to have a biopsy done
  13. Thank you I did in fact call and raise hell this morning with them, the nurse who I spoke with was very sweet and im still waiting for the dr to call. But she said most likely a biopsy should be redone. Yes they said to still keep giving her alittle bit of gluten daily
  14. ove the course of 8 months yes soooo many tests done by in regards to celiacs just the first panel that had only her igg pos at 16, another panle which was done while gluten-free which was neg, and then this test after the gluten challenge which her igg was greater then 100 and iga was 75
  15. Thank you everyone!!! At this point we think we will make the journey to boston which isn't too far away to see a specialist there and get a firm diagnose for her sadly I don't want to bring her back to this gi doctor. Im curious if they would do another biopsy to confirm?