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  1. Hello: My name is Amanda. I'm so glad I found this site. Recently I've been going through a bought of extreme stress... Anyway, even more scarier is my health, which looking back now are issues I've had my whole life. I haven't had my period since March so of course I went to the gyno and he found a mass on my ovaries (not cancerous). However he said some of my symptoms couldn't be cause my the mass and suggested that I may have Celiacs and told me to find a good gastro. Here are my symptoms: canker soars (had my whole life) trouble gaining weight (I've had my whole life) tingling in my hands and feet, odd rashes that are extremely itchy on my elbows (I've had my whole life on and off), headaches (I've had my whole life), either I'm constipated so bad I have to take massive amounts of laxatives to go, or I have diarrhea so bad I can't stay out of the bathroom... I've always had irregular "movements" but the past few months its been so bad. I'm in my twenties and I've actually gone in my sleep and in my pants at work while I was running to the bathroom (how embarrassing). I notice the enamel on my teeth is starting to wear away a little bit, my belly is so bloated it looks like in pregnant but I can rarely release anything, when I do it is so foul I have to leave the room. I've lost 14 pounds since March. After I do go to the bathroom I'm so fatigued and exhausted all I can do is lay down for a couple hours... When I go through the spells of diarrhea I can't seem to hold any food in my system and its like water when I go and the color of clay. I'm constantly exhausted lately its awful... I either have no appetite at all or can't stop eating because I'm soooo hungry! I just feel so frail! I've never really been diagnosed with any sort of disease before besides anemia. I also am so irritable and have such bad mood swings lately, sometimes all I can do is cry and I notice I lose my patience with my daughters so much easier lately. Sometimes all I can do is cry. I am so fed up I look anorexic and like a little boy I am so skinny and I am in my mid twenties with two babies. I also get nauseated after I eat. My husband noticed a huge difference in me too, especially my weight. I might also add I have a neural tube defect in my spine (which my doc assured me is not related to these symptoms). Since he suggested Celiacs I've done a bit of research and it seems a lot of the symptoms at there... However they have come and gone my entire life it just seems very prominent now. I wanted to get some feedback from someone who actually has Celiacs Disease and see if they an relate at all and try and figure out if its possible and worth going to get tested. Please excuse all of the typos I am on my phone!