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  1. Thank you all for your help. Yes I do have children. One was just like I was, he has been gluten-free for 6 months. It is difficult at school, but he takes his lunch everyday and seems to do fine. To the person who said I may need a letter for traveling outside the U.S., why? That I guess is my main question. Are there advantages to having it "official". Say, I get put in the hospital for any unrelated issue, I need a gluten-free diet. Do I have to have a letter from a doctor to get it. This is the reason I need to know. Things outside my control that I cant see yet. I see more of the disadvantages than than advantages. One disadvantage I see is having a pre-existing condition as far as medical, and life insurance goes. And I aggree, I would never go through that gluten diet again for anything in the world, except my kids. If I need to for documentation, I will. On another note, I was diagnosed by an altenitive medicine technition. She used a biomeridian machine, which tests your acupressure points. She also gave me a homeopathic drop bottle which has stuff in it to combat my symptoms when I accidentally get into something I shouldn't. She called it Phenolics. She takes the chemical compound of what I am alergic to and makes an "antidote". Most of the time it works like a charm! It doesn't take away all of the physical side effects, but it takes away the emotional ones. There are some times I can't find what I ate, and this helps. Just a thought.