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  1. Thanks for all the great info! More questions 1. She is also taking this digestive enzyme (Udo's ultimate digestive enzymes). Is this considered "Paleo"? Should she continues taking? 2. How about other vitamins suppliments e.g. Vitamin B, C? Stop or continue?
  2. Hi all, My wife was diagnosed with gluten intolerance last month and has been on gluten free diet since. However, there is not much improvement (stomach still bloating, mounth ulser on going etc). So we suspected it could be other stuffs beside gluten.. We did some research on the internet and decided to try "Paleo Diet" for 30 days and hopefully it will help... As we are new to these gluten free, starch free, grain free terms... we are confused and hope that the experts here can shed some light: 1) Is starch free means gluten free as well? 2) Is starch free means grain free as well? Thank you very much for your answers! regards, -lz