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  1. My 9 year old daughter has been blood tested twice for Celiacs. The first time: Anti-Gliadin IGA - 7 normal Anti-Gliadin IGG - 12 normal TT IGA - >100 Strong Positive Reticulan IGA AB - Negative Comprehensive Metabolic - normal except for high Bun Creatinie Ratio and high Albumin Retested 1 week later - still on gluten: Anti-Gliadin IGA - 3 normal Anti-Gliadin IGG - 4 normal TT IGA - >47 Strong Positive Reticulan IGA AB - Negative Everything else - normal She has not has any digestive symptoms but is having: fatigue insomnia high anxiety weakness leg trembling hand tingling headache numb mouth foggy brain rapid heartbeat cramps rash on arms and legs dizziness She was being treated for anxiety and was put on a modified school schedule because it was debilitating. Finally when the blood tests came back we thought - FINALLY we have answers!! She started gluten-free about a week ago and appears to be SLOWLY improving. Has anyone else gone gluten-free based only on high TT IGA and numerous symptoms or should I investigate further?
  2. I've posted on this board a few times. My 9 year old daughter has been battling some pretty bad anxiety for the past few months. In addition to therapy and a modified school schedule her Ped decided to run blood tests to check for a physical condition. Everything was normal except the Ttg was over 100. We decided to run the test a second time about 1 week later and it was 47. She continued eating a regular diet during this timeframe. Any idea what would cause such a huge reduction in Ttg in such a short timeframe? We decided to start her gluten-free because she was having some other neurological symptoms such as numbness in her hands, legs and face, insomnia, rash, and still the anxiety. We are getting an appt with a GI but don't want to have her scoped. I'm just hoping gluten free is the key and I'm not missing something - the shift in Ttg numbers has be baffled though.
  3. It was my understanding that the endoscopy would only show damage, my thought is at 9 years old perhaps there won't be much damage and the test won't show anything. Are they able to tell more from the scope than I thought?
  4. My 9 year old daughter has been battling anxiety for 4 years, it became very bad this past April and we have been taking her to a therapist. Her Pediatrician decided to do blood work and her tTg was greater than 100 - everything else was normal. The Dr. said it may be a false positive and ran the panel again, this time her tTg was 47 - everything else was normal. In addition to the anxiety, she has been dizzy, had trouble sleeping and developed a patchy (but not bumpy/blistery) rash on her arms and legs. We've been referred to a GI and I'm wondering why? I really don't want her scoped if the blood test results are enough to diagnose her. Should I start her gluten free or is the blood work results not enough? Your thoughts?
  5. Ksee, no worries. I didn't take your post as rude. This has been a frustrating process, trying to get psych treatment and countless hours in emergency rooms and therapy apps. All this time we were treating her mental/emotional symptoms and never even considered this could be a physical condition. I'm anxious to get her blood work redone so we can begin getting her gluten free and hopefully feeling better. I'm a bit relieved that some others experienced only the anxiety as well, it gives me hope that perhaps this is a physical condition that we can treat. Thank you all for your help!
  6. Thanks for the feedback. Oddly the anxiety seems to be her only symptom, she rarely complains about stomach pain or cramping. The doctor felt that the high tTG may be a false positive but she referred us to a GI to be sure. I think I will ask them to run another blood panel first to see if the level remains high.
  7. My 9 year old daughter has been diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder. She has been very anxious and was having a very difficult time at school. After weeks of trying zoloft, therapy appts and a modified school schedule we finally had some blood work done. Everything was normal except for her tTG was over 100. Is it likely she has Celiacs? Has anyone else experienced major anxiety as a symptom? Thanks!