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  1. I am yet to be diagnosed...but so far my main symptoms are diarrhea after eating certain foods and now I have orange oil coming out with BMs, like literally someone put drops of orange vegetable oil in the toilet...it was very scary at first...but I am currently in no pain..no cramps or anything, just VERY tired and worried about why I am not digesting oils... Dr. asked me if i have pain after eating or cramping, blood, etc... I said no, because I don't...just get diarrhea after eating sometimes, not all the time, and now this oil thing. I am going to have to go back for tests, but in the meantime, does anyone here discharge oil/fat with BMs? And where do i start with my diet? I am clueless even after reading a diet list... the first things I am cutting out are soft drinks and sugary drinks and when i go grocery shopping what can I buy? Thanks for any info and advice.