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  1. There Is A Link Between Celiac And Malabsorption Of All Kinds.... Especially Folic Acid (B12). My Mom Kept Coming Up Negative; But She Is Celiac... Her Mom, My Grandma.. And I Are Both Celiac. My Husband Has Never Been Tested... But He Is Doing Better On A Gluten-Free & Corn-Free Diet, He Just Got Diagnosed Today With Spina Bifida. I Am Pretty Sure His Mom Has Celiac... But She Wont Get Tested And Does Not Want To Talk About It. It Is Better No KNow. I Am 43 And Have Had a Life Time Of Complications... LUPUS, RA, FIBRO, HASHIMOTOS, DH.. And Now Osteoporosis... And A List Of Allergies To Food, Medicines And Chemicals That Is Super LOng!!! It Is Best To Know THe TRuth.
  2. I Had To Get Off Of Synthroid Since It Was No Longer Gluten-Free. I Am Also Not On Amour Because It Is Not Gluten-Free. I Have Been On Levothyroxine And It Has Made Me Bloat Up.