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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thyroid is critical. It acts as a regulator for so many things in the body including constipation, body temperature, etc. B12 is also critical and it seems different doctors have different views. On my labs, the normal B12 range is 200- 1400...this is a huge range. I asked my first family physician to give me B12 when my labs came back at 200 on the nose. (This was 2 years before my celiac diagnosis and I already been diagnosed as anemic for quite a while). She refused to give me injections. Within a few months, I started having migraines. I changed family physicians and complained of my headaches. He sent me to a neurologist...first thing he did was look at my bloodwork and say that he thinks he can help just be raising my B12 level. Sure enough my migraines stopped. The continued to look at my blood work over time and continued to increase the frequency of my shots...eventually we reached a diagnosis of celiac. I have been gluten free for about 3 months and continue to take B12 injections weekly. Best wishes for you and your daughter. I hope you get answers very soon.
  2. Celiac And Ibs?

    I'm still learning, but believe it's similar to celiac. I wasn't looking for Crohns (don't feel like I have symptoms of it), but my doctor included something on my blood work that showed antibodies, similar to the celiac test, but these are specific to Crohns. I believe it takes a scope/biopsy to confirm. Are these new symptoms since your last scope? I keep researching...it seems that one gets misdiagnosed as the other from time to time, and on the rare occasion confirm both diseases.
  3. Kinda Of New To Forum

    Thank you for the welcome and the information. This forum has proven invaluable already. I'm so glad to have found this group!
  4. Kinda Of New To Forum

    How long am I considered "new" and need to go thru moderator approval?
  5. Celiac And Ibs?

    Have either of you been tested for Crohns? I was just confirmed positive for Celiac and the doc mentioned that specific antibodies for Crohns are also elevated. I didn't want to believe...still don't want to consider it.... I thought it was ridiculous to think of having celiac and crohns, but as I have continued reading, apparently it's not that uncommon. I also have thyroid and adrenal issues. I hope you both get answers soon.
  6. Thank you! I'm very new to this forum. Is there a way to have email notification on responses or an easy way to return to the forum and find your own post/topics? I had to wait for my posts to be approved by a moderator and then find them again. I'm guessing there is an easier way. Thanks again
  7. I am iron, B12 and D3 deficient and living with a multitude of gluten related symptoms. I've been told that I'm 1 point away from being considered Celiac, but I haven't had biopsies or genetic testing. I've seen 2 different opinions - can you have Celiac and not have one of the 2 genes associated with the disease? Also, do you see the nutrient deficiencies in NCGI? Putting the puzzle pieces together is so complicated! Thanks for any insight.
  8. Opt For Genetic Test?

    I'm new to this and trying to figure it all out....I didn't think you could have Celiac if you don't have at least 1 of the 2 genes. Where can I find more information on this? Thanks! I am definitely gluten intollerant by test and gluten-free diet, but I'm waiting for the genetic test to confirm. The TTG test appeared negative. The Gliadin test shows 1 point shy of Celiac. Doctor told me to go completely gluten-free immediately. He said I can very easily become positive for Celiac. I was hoping that a genetic test would be definitive.