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  1. Hello! You wrote me about "the wedding cake situation." I was married Oct. 8. 2005. Thankfully, everything turned out great. I found someone who came highly recommended and I ended up with the cake I was dreaming of. It was all basket weaved and stepped up beautifully with candles along both sides. The top cake and the bottom cake were gluten free for my husband and I. Since they never touched the rest of the cake I could eat and be happy. None of the guests had a clue that parts of my beautiful cake were "different" from what they were eating.
  2. Thank you so much for your feed back. I appreciate the encouragement from someone who knows where I'm coming from. I've been on the phone all day and I'm waiting for a few people to call me back. I think your daughter's cheesecake idea is great! Who doesn't LOVE cheesecake. I'm sure when she gets married everyone will be thrilled with her choice. Very neat!