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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks I'll write those down and take them with us. Yes she is saying it's just the constipation as most her symptoms are to do with her stomach.. Constipation, abdominal pain, upset stomach, vomiting... The only things that she seems to have outside her stomach is headaches, pain in her right ankle (says it hurts her shin too so could be growing pains) and she's tiny for her age We only have 2-3 paediatricians here so they have a lot of kids they see and I find she doesn't take enough time (last 3 appts have been with students working with her and she just pops in to help them along) and she doesn't seem to think I know anything.
  2. From what I remember being on the sheet to go get her blood drawn it had ferritin, b12, another vitamin, CBC, TTG, and 2 for her thyroid. she's going to our regular family doctor next week for an unrelated matter and she'll have a copy of the results so I plan on getting a copy from her and possibly asking about seeing a different paediatrician as I'm not a fan of the one we are seeing now, she is convinced it's just chronic constipation causing all the issues but I know that's not all it is and have had er doctors agree that there's something else going on.
  3. Well got my daughters blood test results came back and everything is normal and celiac was negative, her dr isn't gonna run anymore tests cause she's got an appt with a paediatric gi doc in august, so it's back to waiting and no answers
  4. Alright I book my daughters appt for the blood panel for tomorrow after noon and her dr is check thyroid and vitamins as well so she only has to get blood taken once cause she hate needles it'll cost me 125$ so not as bad as what my dr said I'm gonna get hers done now and then I'll go a head and ask my dr to order it for me as well for later this month when I'll have the extra money to get it done
  5. I'm in canada so the scopes are free for me but the blood work costs 160$ cause it's not covered. But if you all think I should get the blood work as well I can just give my dr a call and get them to order it without an issue
  6. Ok I had my doctors appointment this morning and without even bringing up celiac but just listing off my symptoms the dr brought up being tested for it along with looking at a couple other things, but suggests doing both a colonoscopy and endoscopy so we hit both areas at the same time and check for the few other things she thinks are a possibility.... She suggests we do the scope but not the blood work right now due to the cost to me, she's had a lot of people show a false negative and I've been mostly gluten free since Monday cause I had a couple teeth pulled and can't eat much (in which time my stomach hasn't really been feeling upset) So I'm being refurred to a gi doc and will go from there.. Now should I get the blood work done as well or just wait and see what the scope says? My drs appt with her pediatrition is tomorrow afternoon so well probably get the blood work for her but I guess that depends on what her doc thinks, she's also got an appt with a paediatric gi but not till august tho but that was put in a few months ago cause I wanted her sent to the children's hospital cause no one here could give me answers..
  7. Any recommendations for enzymes and a probiotic
  8. I will looking to gluten free multivitamin as have been taking multivitamins for years, I made a doctors appointment today for the 30th (next one available) so we shall see what the dr wants to look into, I'm also going to keep a food journal and how I feel/what happens so I can show her what all is going on and help me remember what all I need to talk with her about, last time I went I only brought up the upset tummy so she stuck me on an antacid cause I have reflux, which did help a bit but not as much as I feel it should have and once I was off them nothing had changed
  9. I'm in ontario canada, my dr seems to have a bit of an understanding of it, she's the one who first brought it up for my daughter and explained it to me, and we were sent to a dietitian to go over food while waiting for the test results for her but then never needed her after being told it wasn't celiacs ... I'll make an appt with my dr and suggest testing myself for it, and depending how that goes get my daughter retested for it.
  10. Ok so I'd never heard of celiac disease until my oldest daughter was tested when she was 2.5 years old she's now 5, the doctor wanted to test her cause she's tiny like at 5 almost 6 shes now 38lbs and 40 inches tall, she also would get vomiting and diarrhea every time she ate any kind of breaded chicken... All the tests came back negative (wondering if she was just to young?) she's had a lot of issues the past 1.5 years (cronic constipation, bad abdominal pain, vomiting, fevers that pop up for no reason etc) donno if all that fits in but drs do bring up celiac often but seem stumped and we are waiting to get in at the children's hospital near here cause in fed up with the lack of answers and the she's just constipated I'm getting from local doctors.... But moving on to myself. Ok so the past 2 ish years I've been dealing with issues of my own and I'm starting to wonder if I may have celiac myself... So what I've experienced myself is.. Flem build up in my throat (always feel like something it stuck in there), loose/floaty bm(tmi sorry), nausea, insomnia/inability to stay asleep (this ones been going on for many years), I'm tired 24/7 no matter what, I am b12 deficient, I have as my dr says mild reflux, heartburn, I also suffer from depression and 3 different anxiety disorders I also had an aunt who had celiac .. I just want thoughts/ opinions on this before I head off to the drs about it, was also wanting to see if it's be better if it sounds like this could be celiac if I should go get the tests done or just try going gluten free? I know one thing that makes me lean towards the drs is my oldest who has issues and I also have a 2 year old so I'd know for sure that they both should be tested/watched.... Any input/advice would be more then welcome
  11. I wont be changing her diet until tests have been done, I don't want to let anything interfere with finding out whats going on. I feel so helpless and hate seeing my little girl in pain
  12. When my daughter was 18 months she was tested for Celiac after noticing an allergy to the breading on breaded chicken, fish ect.. everything came back normal (not sure what tests they did but was just blood work). Now for the past year she has been complaining of stomach pains, I never thought anything of it until they started waking her up at night and even then I just assumed gas pains as I get those when I eat certain food and they can have me curled up on the floor till they pass. She had always had constipation issues since she was about 8-9 months. In December we ended up at the ER with severe stomach pain, fever of 104.3, diarrhoea, and vomiting. They did an ultrasound which showed something and was ruled possible appendicitis and were transferred to a bigger hospital with a paediatric surgeon, after being seen by the surgeon we were told it was a virus and she was 90% sure is was just swollen lymph nodes and she was 100% sure it wasn't her appendix. So were send home with the instructions of Tylenol for pain, and lots of fluids. Here we are 6 months, 5 dr's visits, 7 ER trips and 1 paediatrician later and she is still in pain everyday, some more so than others, thankfully she has only had 3 episodes since our long ER visit in December that has included vomiting and fever. In may I demanded from my dr that something be done to find out why shes always in pain, so she sent her for x-rays and when she got the results back the nurse called and told me the x-rays showed "signs of constipation" but didn't seem able to elaborate on it. We were referred to a different pediatricians and that appointment is finally coming up on the 21st. Now how likely is it that she got a false neg on the blood work done when she was 18 months? I don't know if it is likely that is it Celiacs of not as I’m sure there are many things it could be but after looking into it does seem like a big possibility. Her symptoms include: stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, constipation, lack of appetite, no weight gain in 2.5 years, has only grown 2.5 inches in the past 3 years, and "signs on constipation" on x-rays.