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  1. So sorry, how do I post a picture on here?? Thanks!
  2. Hi, I greatly appreciate your time. I've been having weird rashes for the last few months from time to time. The last couple days all of a sudden I developed this rash on my left arm only (very little on my right arm). It's very itchy and it's small bumps that are elevated. It feels like what I remember poison ivy feeling like when I was a kid. A couple of months ago I had a nasty rash on my stomach and chest and patches on my legs. My doctor said it was poison oak and sent me to dermotologist who said the same thing. It took a long time to get rid of and I was on strong anitbiotics and steroids. Anyway here is a picture of my latest rash. I have been putthing Sarna on it for the last few days which is soothing but doesn't seem to be improving the condition. It has not gotten better or worse in the last couple days. Like I said it is quite itchy but I haven't broken the skin (yet). Here is a picture I just took of it. Reading on the internet I came to the info about Coeliac disease and reaction to gluten and this sounds a lot like what I'm experiencing. I did eat a lot of pizza around the night before this broke out! Thanks again for taking a look for me! James