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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. So, this is what has been working so far. I decided to go back to a favorite of mine from 20 or so years ago, rice cakes. I used to love them spread with Laughing Cow cheese or peanut butter. I've been using them for sandwiches for me and DS--and they've worked well. I even brought some in a ziplock baggie in my purse to a hamburger joint to replace the bread. Much more satisfying (to me) than wrapping it in lettuce. Also, when I make almond flour pancakes, I make extras--and we use those as bread. DS loves one with either peanut butter and banana or nutella spread on it. I also made a recipe I found online for biscuits (I think it was from Wheat Belly) using almond flour, flax seeds, butter/coconut oil, and whipped egg whites. They were good--but I think part of what made them good was they were fresh baked. No idea how they'd work if I made a giant batch, and then froze/defrost them as needed. I figure we'll do this for a few months and then go back and retry some gluten-free breads and see if they taste better.
  2. So, I finally made the trek to Trader Joe's to buy some Udi's bread. I was so excited. I bought bread, bagels and hot dog buns. Today, I had a sandwich on the bread (toasted) and it was nasty. Didn't even want to finish it. Is Udi's the best there is? Help! Very disappointed as I was so looking forward to it. Maybe after I've been gluten-free awhile, it will taste better?
  3. Have you experimented with different timing of your gluten foods? Perhaps if you eat it at dinner, most of the symptoms will be gone by morning? For me, the results are usually pretty quick. I experience horrible diarrhea within 20-40 minutes after eating gluten...and it can go on for hours depending on what it was, how much, and just luck. I'd also be asking the gastroenterologist to keep you in mind should any cancellations come up.
  4. So, I made banana nut muffins using a recipe for banana nut bread from the BRM website with the flour and everybody loved it. Nobody knew it was gluten-free even. Thanks everybody for the help.
  5. If you're in Canada, then definitely try the CeliacSure test. "CELIACSURE™ is a Medical Device that is licensed by Health Canada and meets the stringent European medical device requirements for a home test for Celiac disease (CE marked according to the IVD directive 98/79EC)"
  6. Was looking at booking a party for my daughter and was psyched to see that they offer individual gluten-free cheese pizzas and even gluten-free cupcakes. These are individual items...and packaged separately. The pizza was $5.99 and the cupcake was $2.99. From what I can tell, you can order these at any time. It doesn't have to be a birthday party!
  7. Can you try a different doctor? Also, no idea where you are, but perhaps you could try the CeliacSure test from Gluten Pro? http://www.glutenpro.com/celiacsure.html If you got a positive result on that, it might make a physician more likely to do further testing.
  8. I'm guessing yes. That's how the non-gluten-free version works. The angel food cake is made with egg whites, so it replaces the egg.
  9. There was a popular book called "Wheat Belly" by a cardiologist that talks about the benefits of going gluten-free... including resolving diabetes, obesity, etc. Perhaps appealing to his vanity might work? I'd also just cook yummy gluten-free meals for him when he visits... and tell him afterwords that it was gluten free. Realizing that there are yummy gluten-free breads, pastas, etc. might make it more palatable. Include a gluten-free beer, if that's a potential concern of his.
  10. Forgot to add, "The law does not cover life insurance, disability insurance and long-term care insurance."
  11. Actually, there was a law passed regarding this. The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008, also referred to as GINA, is a new federal law that protects Americans from being treated unfairly because of differences in their DNA that may affect their health. The new law prevents discrimination from health insurers and employers. The President signed the act into federal law on May 21, 2008. The parts of the law relating to health insurers will take effect by May 2009, and those relating to employers will take effect by November 2009.
  12. We used to buy this high fiber flour from King Arthur, that had hi-maize corn starch in it. It's a super high fiber product that contains resistant starch which is supposed to be good for you. According to KAF, the box of Hi-Maize they sell on its own, is gluten-free. Usually one uses a 1/4 cup or so of this with regular flour. Has anybody ever experimented mixing it with gluten-free flours? How did it work?
  13. Thanks! These both sound delicious! I bought some xanthan gum too. Yes, it's supposed to be. Called Gluten-Free All Purpose Baking Flour. Ingredients are garbanzo bean flour, potato starch, tapioca flour, white sorghum flour, and fava bean flour. Mmmmm...beany. Trader Joe's has some wonderful products. We bought the snickerdoodles and they didn't last two days. I'll be sad if we move away from TJs. Oh! That's a great idea. I have three bananas that would make some yummy banana bread. Thanks everybody!
  14. You should post on the forums on Obesityhelp.com I have met a few duodenal switch people who had celiac disease. It actually hasn't been an issue for them. I'm sure the sleeve gastrectomy would be fine, as none of the intestines are bypassed. Plus, you have the advantage of having a working pyloric valve and no dumping issues. I'd be worried about the potential to dump with an RNY with some of the rice flours, etc.
  15. So, I picked up my first gluten-free flour at the store today, Bob's Red Mill. Most of the gluten-free baking blogs I follow are very particular about which brand of flour to use with which recipe... and in looking them over, most like other products (Better Battter, King Arthur/Trader Joe's, Cup4Cup?) better than Bob's. Bob's is mostly chickpeas as far as I can tell. What something great you've made with it that I can feed my non-gluten-free family? Brownies, cookies, muffins... what works best for this particular flour?