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  1. Have you had your thyroid checked? That can slow things down big time. If that's not an issue and you just need to find a way to cut calories, I'd suggest more veggies -- especially leafy greens. You get a whole lot for very few calories and they're good for you too
  2. I think corn allergy/intolerance is pretty common...enough so that a doctor shouldn't be surprised by it! If you've been gluten free for a year your blood test will be negative. Hope you feel better soon!
  3. I personally feel that stress can exacerbate an existing stomach issue, but it won't outright cause one all by itself. Just my opinion though! I wonder -- has your diet changed at all? Or other habits? For example, when I'm busier/stressed I tend to eat larger meals a couple times a day which tends to get to me if its days on end. Same with too many starchy things, high fat foods, etc. Sorry you're stressed out and not feeling well!
  4. Ah, gotcha! Hopefully it was just the empty stomach then. They sound delish!
  5. I've never tried the muffins, but I do find I can really only handle things like that in small doses. I'll tolerate one serving and be just fine. Then I get excited, try again too soon (like the next day) and things go down hill... So I try to limit imitation processed stuff to once or twice a week and never two days in a row. I haven't quite figured out what ingredient(s) I'm reacting to, but the one and done rule seems to work for me for now.
  6. I've had these dreams too! My dream will be that I'm talking to someone, engaged in a pretty important conversation, and then BAM -- I realize I'm eating -- I'm half way through a slice of pizza or bread or something and freak out. Also used to have the exact same dream but about cigarettes when I quit smoking. Stopped for me after 6 months or so.
  7. @ForestAndTrees: I totally identify with losing access to part of your brain feeling. I was feeling like that all the time before I figured out this whole thing. Also, folate! I will have to look into possible deficiency issues a bit more because at times I feel my fogginess / mental issues are worse and I know I haven't had any gluten...
  8. History of depression and ED. Still have wicked ADD -- I'm in the early stages of healing so I'm really hoping it will improve though. Funny thing is, the only doctor who suggested celiac to me was a psychiatrist -- not one of the five others I saw specifically about digestive issues. He read some study about the correlation between celiac and hashimoto's (which I already had, which he ALSO figured out first) and suggested I get tested.
  9. It is my understanding that: - water soluble fiber can interfere with nutrient absorption - insoluble fiber can bind to certain minerals which prevents them from being absorbed - the benefits of consuming fiber outweighs this for most people You could try laying off a bit and see if things firm up. Re. the potassium, I'm not sure if beans or fiber alone could really cause a true deficiency, but that's a good question! It could also be low because you're not consuming enough, your intestines are still healing from celiac or food intolerances, you're consuming other foods that interfere with absorption (too much sodium, coffee, alcohol), etc. Has it always been low? Or is this a new problem that started with the bean-heavy diet?